5 Things to Check Before You Call Your Electrician

We are all familiar with that moment when you realise that something in your house is not working properly. You have checked the plugs and the settings but it is still not working. You race to get an electrician on the phone, the electrician comes out and makes a small fix and you are left with a bill to pay. However, if you want to avoid having to pay a huge bill for something that you could fix yourself, you should check out a few things before you pick up your mobile to call an electrician. This will save you time, money and embarrassment so that you don't end up having to apologise for a silly mistake. 

1. Did you plug it in? Although this seems silly many people forget to check this. Cords can get pulled out by accident. However, if you are sure that it should be working, you can move on to the next step. 

2. Check to make sure that there aren't too many things plugged in at once. Sometimes overloading the power supply in the home can make things stop working. If you think that this is what happened you can simply reset your power to see if you can get everything working again. 

3. Check the settings. A change in the settings could cause a device to stop working as specified. Double check the settings to make sure that something was not changed or switched off by accident. 

4. Is there something wrong with the device itself? If your device is not working, the issue might not be the electricity but could actually be the device. Check for this to make sure that this is not the source of the problem. If it is, you should contact the manufacturer or store where you purchased the item to get further assistance. 

5. Did you hear any irregular noises? If you heard some noises before everything stopped working, try to remember what they were and where they might have come from. Explaining these noises could help the electrician identify the source of the problem faster if you still need to call one for assistance. 

These quick tips can help you if you remember to do them before picking up the phone. An electrician can help if you are still not seeing any success. Find out more about electrical safety: Electrical safety tips.

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