Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety in your home is important to ensure that you and your family are safe from electrical hazards at all times. You need to plan in advance for situations to ensure a upper hand when they do occur. Taking your electrical safety for granted may lead to a 'shocking' experience. Here are some tips for you to help make your home a safer place for you and your family to live. 


Check your RCCB regularly 


The RCCB (residual current circuit breaker) helps prevent electric shock by cutting off electricity supply immediately upon detecting any current leakage in an electrical circuit. All homes in Singapore should have RCCB installed and should be check once a month to ensure that it is in good working condition. This check can be done by pressing the test button.  


Only use a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)


Only licensed electrical workers should carry out any electrical installation, maintenance and repair work. These include new wiring, rewiring and extensions which have to also be tested by an authorised officer of SP Services Ltd before supply is turned on. Always verify whether the contractor you use is an EMA-licensed contractor before allowing the contractor to carry out any electrical work in your premises. To check whether a contractor is an LEW check online. 


Keep electricity and water apart! 


Do not use electrical appliances near water or with wet hands. Never touch an open electrical outlet or electrical switch with wet hands. This can lead to current leakage and potentially-fatal electric shocks. 


Do not overload power points! 


Overloading power points 'piggy back' is dangerous as it may lead to current leakage and may start a fire. Don’t use cracked or broken power points. You need to have any cracked or broken power points replaced immediately with the help of a licensed electrical contractor. 


Check the Earth wire. 


All electrical appliances are earthed, so replace or repair any plug that may have signs of not working correctly. Having plugs earthed can prevent a potentially-fatal electric shock. 


Electrical cord precautions.


Rejoining cut or frayed electrical cords with insulation tape is dangerous as this may peel off and leave wires exposed. Get a licensed electrical contractor to replace the cord with a new one instead.Running wires around sharp edges can cut their insulation and expose the live wires.When not using an electrical appliance, switch it off at the wall socket. 


Things you should do and advise you kids.






  • Use protective plastic covers for the plug sockets, this will prevent kids touching electrical outlets with your fingers or with objects.
  • If you're in the bathtub, shower, or standing on a wet floor never touch anything electrical like a light switch or hair dryer.
  • When playing outdoors never play around electrical wires or equipment.
  • You should take the time to explain the your child about staying away from areas marked DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE.
  • Explain to your child about climb utility poles, transmission towers or fences around substations.
  • If your child likes to fly kites, remember to fly them only in dry weather and in open spaces, away from power lines; never use wire or metal in a kite.
These tips can keep you and your family safe. When in doubt please use a qualified electrician.

If you have got some safety issues and need a EMA-licensed electrical contractor?


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