How it Works

  • How long does it take?

    It only takes 5 min to post.

  • Select a Contractor.

    It is important to choose a contractor that is best suited for the job you want done. This will help ensure that you are contacted by a contractor who is qualified to do your job.

  • Choose a budget.

    This is an estimated budget and will help the contractor decide whether they can do your job. Consider labour and materials costs when choosing a budget.
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  • Add a description.

    Give as much detail about your job, consider the size, location and whether materials are included. The more detail the easier it is for a contractor to decide to purchase your lead. Don't add any personal details in the description.

  • Add a photo.

    Add a photo to help the contractor to understand the work you need done.

Why do you need my name and contact details?

We need your details so that our contractors can contact you to provide a quote. Your contact details are sent to a contractor once they have purchased your job lead.To protect your personal information, a maximum of 3 contractor will only be able to view your name and contact details.

Will you publish my contact details when I post a job?

No. Your contact details will never be made public on the platform. Your contact details are only available to the contractors that purchase your job lead.

I have posted a job what now?

  • We send your lead by e-mail and SMS to all the relevant contractors in your area. Up to 3 contractors, who are interested in quoting on your job, will buy your job lead and contact you.
  • When a contractor buy's your lead an e-mail with the contractors details and a link to their profile page is sent to you. This is to help you with the selection process.
  • Selecting a contractor can be hard. Make sure you check relevant qualification and if needed ask for referrals.
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  • Once your contractor has finished the job you can rate them on

How do I rate the contractor and why?

How :

You can rate a contractor by simply login in to your account on, select the job you have posted and then select the rate this contractor button. The contractor can also send a request for a rating, click on the link in the email you have received from the contractor and you will be able to rate the contractor.

Why :

When the work is completed you can rate the contractor on Quality, Professionalism and Value. By rating the contractor you are sharing your experience with others in your community, thereby creating an online community of curated

better quality contractors.

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What are the Benefits?

  1. Save time looking for contractor
  2. Connect with contractors on your mobile or tablet
  3. See photos, rating and qualifications on the contractor profile
  4. Contractors want good ratings
  5. Help build a better renovation industry

Need help?

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