A 5 Day Escape Plan With Your Friends: Which Places To Stop First


College friendships give college kids an opportunity they might not otherwise. They have the opportunity to grow and explore with kindred spirits in countries all around the world without worrying too much about accommodating themselves within a different culture or language barrier. It is no wonder these memories last forever; after spending so many years surrounded by people just like ourselves who understand everything from freshman year parties right up until graduation day--you never forget how amazing being young can feel. Now imagine traveling with these friends, how fun and chaotic in a good sense, that would be.

For college friends looking to get closer, a 5-day escape plan will be perfect. Make the necessary bookings and set off for an amazing five-day trip with your buddies! Here are some places that should top this itinerary:

Days 1-2: Los Angeles

Let's plan a day trip to LA. You have five days only, so we'll focus on getting you there as quickly and efficiently as possible! There are flights from all over the world that land in LA - don't worry about where they're going because once arriving in LA , you can take airport shuttles anywhere for very little money compared with any other city's transportation options.


The best place to explore LA is Hollywood. The nightlife here will have you enjoying college students and there are no high prices for accommodation, making this an attractive option when looking at other areas of the city as well!

Places to Visit

You can take an hour-long break before exploring LA. If you're lucky, your trip will lead to meeting a celebrity! There are wax museums and movie theaters in Hollywood that offers plenty for visitors to do while they're visiting this area of California; it's just up the street from Beverly Hills so there is no shortage when it comes time for entertainment options. You might want to rent cars if none of these attractions pique your interest enough during free time because driving gives people more freedom than walking around with guidebooks or map apps but make sure all international driving permit requirements have been met first.

Venice Beach is one of the last hidden gems in LA. Students should make time for this fun destination, away from all of Hollywood's glitz and glamour. It will guarantee you an amazing day with your friends. Make sure you explore Venice proper before heading back out into town - there are so many beautiful spots to photograph or take pictures next door on Abbot Kinney Boulevard (a street that runs parallel). 

The second day in LA is all about Beverly Hills. This famous and affluent neighborhood offers a taste of what life might be like for movie stars, with its culture, glamor and everything you see on the screen. Sometimes celebrities frequent the area so, hopefully, your favorite star will be around so you will get to meet them; although college students won't have much money left after this trip - it's enough just seeing everything up close without trying anything new since there are many Instagrammable buildings available anyways such as the Trump Tower.

Day 3: Las Vegas

Believe it or not, there is so much to see in Las Vegas that a whole month won’t do. You only have one day and night here! If you manage to arrive before dark then make sure you visit the Bellagio's fountain as well as the amusement park before bedtime because those two sites alone are worth staying up for if nothing else. Nightlife has been known by many people who come from all over just for its majestic shows which include fantastic singing stars such as Elvis Presley impersonators performing on stage while others dance under colorful light displays at their leisure-it really does sound intriguing, doesn't it?

The following day will be a busy one. The first thing you should do is take advantage of the High Roller, an observation wheel that allows visitors to get their own bird’s eye view of Las Vegas and see what they are missing out on before attending one of those "fake" weddings in front of all those lights-fancy neon signs everywhere.

It's time to get your game on! Before you leave, make sure that the casinos around town are up for grabs. A single game of blackjack will create memories like no other in Las Vegas- after all this is where they say "What happens in Vegas, stays there."

Day 4-5: Olympic National Park, Olympia, Washington

After three days of city life, it’s time to experience the breathtaking display that nature has given us. Olympic National Park is home not only to lush rainforests and high alpine peaks but also to one of the most rugged coastlines in the world! Your group will camp here tonight before hiking beautiful trails tomorrow morning and flying back home afterward.


With only 5 days to explore, you need to visit the places that can deliver an endless supply of delights and at the same time allow movement from one place or destination effortlessly. 

The world is a big place and there are many great places for travelers to explore. From the west coast in America, all the way across Europe or even Asia; you'll find some amazing spots waiting just over those mighty continents.

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