How it Works

Jobs are posted by Homeowners and Contractors can buy the leads to obtain the homeowner's contact details. Contractors then contact the Homeowner and arrange a time to quote on the work. The homeowner will then decide on the right Contractor for that job. Homeowners can then rate the Contractor after the work is complete to share their experience with others.

How do I get the most from once I have joined?

  • Get the right leads:

    Adjust your skills and map setting to receive the right quality and quantity of leads.

  • Update your page:

    This is the first thing a Homeowner will see. Add photos of work, list qualifications and write a business description.

  • Buying leads and quote to win work:

    Only 3 Contractors can purchase the lead posted. You can buy leads online via (leads start from $1). Once a lead is purchased you need to contact the customer immediately to arrange a time to quote on the work.

  • Get Rated :

    Every lead you purchase should enable you to quote on that job. Once you have finished the job you should ask the homeowner to rate you. The more positive ratings you receive the better chance you have to win more work.

How do I get high ratings?

The key to getting high ratings is to: Always be professional

Our mission is to connect homeowners with quality, local Contractors. We achieve this by providing a service to homeowners that presents them with rated Contractors and lets them choose the Contractors that are right for them. A key part of the selection criteria is the ratings system, which lets homeowners choose between Contractors based on the reviews of previous customers. In addition to these ratings the homeowner will also take into account how well a Contractor presents themselves, and their quote for the proposed work.It is also true that Homeowners only want to engage with Contractors who act responsibly, behave politely and are generally nice to work with. This simply is called being "professional."

Upon joining’s service, we therefore ask that all of our Contractors adhere to a few basic principles when working with our homeowner community:

  • Be polite and courteous in your dealings with homeowners, remember, their ratings of you will be used by other homeowners in the future.
  • Communicate clearly and completely with homeowners, so that both parties know what is going to be done and when, along with the timing of payments.
  • Perform work to a high standard and make sure you adhere to the relevant industry standards.
  • Deliver on what you agreed to deliver.
  • Create a satisfied homeowner (this guarantees future work as you know!).

Contractor accounts, their ratings and performance may be monitored for the purpose of ensuring that we retain only the highest caliber of Contractors for our service. We reserve the right to remove Contractors from our service that does not adhere to the high standards that we expect.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Get unlimited job leads - pay only for the ones you want
  2. Increase your company's online presence
  3. Connect to customers via mobile or tablet
  4. Find new customers quickly and easily with live alerts
  5. Reduce the overall cost for marketing

What is included in my free account?

  • Get a personalized profile page
  • No long-term commitment and no contract.

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