Why Symmetry Is Preferred in Interior Design

Research has demonstrated that people find other people attractive based on symmetry. However, did you know that this fact also applies to interior design? People tend to know what a well-designed room looks like when they see one. Oftentimes a well-designed room to most people includes one that has symmetry. Here are some reasons why people prefer spaces that are symmetrical when it comes to interior design.

Symmetrical Design Cues Work On the Subconscious

Research has shown that symmetrical designs trigger the subconscious mind. This phenomenon could explain why people prefer designs that are symmetrical. In addition, people tend to think that balanced images are more aesthetically pleasing.

Symmetry Is Everywhere

Many people tend to prefer symmetry when it comes to interior design thanks to the fact that it feels familiar. The reason for this is because symmetry is all around us in nature. Symmetry can also be used to achieve a mood and if symmetry is used inside the home, it can be used to make the home feel more familiar and comfortable.

Symmetry Isn't Difficult to Do 

Another reason why people like symmetry when it comes to interior design is the fact that symmetry is not difficult to do. Symmetry is possibly the easiest way to design a room because it requires so few design elements. All that needs to be done is to establish a focal point for the room and then build out a balanced design around this focal point. The main key to keep in mind is that in order to achieve symmetry in the room, the proportion and scale of the rooms elements must work together.

Symmetry Can Be Used With Any Style

The best part about symmetry is that it can be used with many different styles. The use of symmetry does not have to only be limited to specific design styles. You can incorporate symmetry into modern, traditional, coastal, and even industrial designs.

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