Interior Design: Bathroom Designs Trends

If you are planning to update your bathroom, it is a good idea to consider which design elements are currently in style so that you can implement them. Here are 4 design trends to help you successfully design a new bathroom for your home.

1. Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms represent one of the top trends in bathroom design today thanks to the minimal, sophisticated design. Black and white are popular colours hues for modern bathrooms. You can also install plenty of glass fixtures and storage areas to make your modern bathroom more appealing.

2. Classic Bathrooms

Classic bathrooms don't necessarily follow the latest trends but are instead designed to be timeless. These bathrooms can be as sophisticated or simplistic as you prefer, however you need to make sure that you use plenty of ceramic, marble and limestone in order to get the look. You can also add a modern touch by making the bathtub into the centrepiece of the room instead of having it simply aligned to one wall.

3. Country Bathrooms

A country bathroom is a good idea if you are looking to create a bathroom that is comfortable and relaxing. There are a number of country bathrooms that feature wooden tubs. In addition, you can also add in other items that will create a rustic feel such as a custom made toilet or sink. Make sure to incorporate plenty of wood into the design in order to achieve the look.

4. Outdated Look

Design trends are easily replaced by new ones every year. Therefore, if a bathroom is being modified in order to meet current design trends, it could look outdated to you or potential buyers within just a few years. Many people want to buy property as a long term investment. Therefore, you should make sure that you or any future owners of your property won't want to have make numerous changes to the property in order to make it a good investment.

By adding neutral renovations to your bathroom instead, you can ensure that the updates that you make to your flat will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Then you will have a better chance at selling your flat at your preferred sale price if you choose to sell at a later date.

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