Top 5 Bathroom Technologies to Check Out


Bathrooms don’t really seem like a part of your home that’s going to benefit too much from changing technology, but they actually can. Bathroom designs are becoming increasingly influenced by new tech gadgets and homeowners are starting to expect high-tech bathrooms.

Most of these gadgets aren’t just for show; they can actually be used to make using the bathroom more comfortable and better suited to the needs of the occupants.

Sink technology

Sinks are changing in two ways. The first is due to concerns for the environment and wasteful water spending, which is a concern of many young home owners and therefore of the designers as well. The second is about the new needs of users who want a more comfortable and adaptable sink for their bathroom.

This means that sinks are going to be activated automatically and therefore stop running when your hands aren’t in the proximity of the tap. It’s also possible to set the water temperature based on who’s using the sink or even on what time of the day it is.

Privacy glass

You often want the bathroom to be private and secluded. Other times, however, the bathroom should be well lit so it can be used in its full capacity. For instance, when you’re taking a shower you want it to be private, but the light is much needed for putting on makeup.

Now there’s an option to have both without having to change the setup of your bathroom. You can opt for glass that can change its structure and be transparent when you need it to or opaque when you want privacy.

Towel warming

This is a small gadget, but it makes using the bathroom much easier and more comfortable. The gadget is essentially a drawer with a heating system that’s used to keep the towels warm while you’re taking a shower. The drawers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate your needs with a few towels at a time.

This device requires electricity to work, but it can look like any other drawer in your bathroom. That means that it can fit quite well with any design style, even if the rest of your bathroom is rustic and old-fashioned.

Smart toilets

Toilets are becoming tech gadgets themselves. There are many ways to make toilets more comfortable using the changes in tech. The same goes for installing bidets. These trends have taken over homes of all sizes and build dates. Installing a high-tech bidet in Australia is now affordable for anyone.

These toilets come with a variety of options that allow users to raise or lower their height or keep them warm with a push of a button.


For most people showers are the most important part of the bathroom - tt’s the most relaxing time of the day for them. Showers are now becoming more high-tech in order to provide a better experience for the homeowner.

Showers of the future are going to be as flexible and controllable as possible. This means that you’re going to be able to adjust the temperature of the water, the stream pressure and even the music that plays during you showers. All of this can be set to change automatically based on who is using the shower. There are also other features like using ultrasounds to help you relax and regenerate after a long day.

These features are going to change the way we use bathrooms. High-tech gadgets are becoming an important part of our daily lives.

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