Tips to Keep Your Home Beautiful

A house becomes a home only when you get emotionally invested in it. To get emotionally attached, you need to love the space within your home. A bright ambience and decor will jazz up your mood and make your home more welcoming for the guests.

To make your home more habitable and beautiful, you need to follow some basic measures. The first of these is to keep your home uncluttered, whatever size your home may be. Whether it’s a rented HDB flat or an expensive bungalow in an upscale corner of the city, the basic principles remain the same. Keep your home clean!

Once that is taken care of, you can make your home more appealing by renovating or remodelling your home. If you fall short of funds, you can always apply for a renovation home loan.

To add appeal and long-term value to your property, implement the following ideas:

  • Classy blinds and shades: Blinds and shades not only add elegance to your home but are useful for insulating purposes. A beautiful pleated or Venetian shade or a faux Roman shade is ideal for controlling the amount of light, air and cold that enters the various rooms in your home. Look up online or consult an interior designer to gift your home the perfect blinds.

  • Mood-lifting colours: Adding more colour to the boudoir and the drawing room will make your home extremely attractive. You can try different colour combinations. Try to contrast the colours of the walls with those of the furniture items inside the room and the cushions, bed covers and duvets that you use. Positive colours help set the right mood in the room and make it more liveable.

  • Open up your kitchen: Instead of isolating your kitchen from your dining and/or drawing room/s, remove the boundary walls to make them one. You can add classy islands made from wood or marble. The countertops, backsplashes, the appliances, the cabinets and the washbasin should complement each other and exhibit a synergistic effect.

  • Mood-enhancing lights: Lighting plays an important role in creating the overall decor for the living spaces at your home. With track lights, you can create a minimalistic but sophisticated look for your living rooms. Light fitting is another great way to spruce up the beauty of the space. These lights minimise electricity consumption without compromising on functionality. You can also add dimmers to create a soft, mystic look. If you want to add a vintage feel to your home, you can also let exposed bulbs dangle from the ceiling in your living room and/or dining room.

  • Trendy carpets and mats: Carpets and mats play an important role in keeping out dust. By placing doormats and rugs in your rooms, you’ll not only make the spaces look mesmerising, but also prevent the free entry of dust and dirt.

  • A dashing wooden panel or brick walls: Wooden panels are one of the in-style fads in Singapore. If you can afford it, make a wooden panel run through one of the rooms and you’ll see how your guests appreciate you for your taste in matters of interior decor. You can also add a brick wall in the drawing room. It will stand out well against the other walls and add splendour to the space.

  • A flower jar with fresh blooms: Keep a flower jar in the living room, guest rooms and the drawing room. If you can, place fresh flowers in the jar on a daily basis. It adds freshness, colour and fragrance to the room, making it extremely habitable.

  • Add the right tile and flooring to the bathroom: The bathroom is a place where you can do a lot more than just take your daily shower. For a relaxing feel, you need to have the right combination of bath accessories, tiles, countertops, cabinets, flooring and walls. You’ll also need the right towels and curtains to add a touch of luxury and elegance. If needed, get in touch with an interior designer for the best ideas and suggestions.

  • Organise your house in terms of the tasks performed: The secret to keeping a house clean and uncluttered is to keep the right things stocked at the right places. Organise your wardrobes and put things in nice shoeboxes, racks and cabinets so that they remain easily accessible.

  • Wooden Floors: Wooden floors add a rustic and minimalistic feel to your home without losing class. It’s a sure way to glam up your home.

“It’s worth reiterating that a home becomes beautiful if it is neat and clean. The carpet area of your home or the cost of the furniture aren’t the only factors that contribute to the beauty of your home. To hedge your home against any unforeseen risk, get it insured. Visit BankBazaar Singapore to check the different home insurance products available in the market.”

With the right ideas and a little bit of effort, you can turn it into a paradise right here on earth!


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