Spotless Living Room: 9 Ways to Keep It Clean and Organized


The living room is one of the areas that receive the heaviest foot traffic every day. It’s where you accept, entertain, and bond with your family, friends, and guests. The living room is also the area where you get to rest and relax after a busy day of work and spend most of your time during weekends with your family.

As such, it’s only necessary that you keep your living room clean and organized. Make its space fit functionally for your lifestyle while making it look good. Take your cues from the list of nine ways to keep your living room squeaky clean and well-ordered.

Capitalize Your Vertical Space

The vertical space in your living room is one of the essential things you should keep in mind to help keep your living room look clean. Make sure to capitalize the area through buying a storage unit that would reach your ceiling to avoid wasting any space.

Organize some of your things on the freestanding shelves to make them look pleasant. Also, add modular storage to give you more convenience because it offers flexible custom design and it’s easy to install.

Hide the Clutter From Your Living Room

Investing a closed storage is an ideal way to hide all the clutters in your room. You can look for furniture that helps you store these clutters to avoid a messy look. Your media storage units and the drawers on your table would also be your ideal storage options.

Keeping Your Coffee Table Visible

Your coffee table is one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle that provides elegance to your living room aside from your furniture. However, having a tray on the center would be ideal for you to organize your things neatly.

Also, putting some baskets underneath your tray is a good idea to hold your DVDs, toys, etc. Make sure to keep its top area clean to achieve a well-organized place.

Make Use of Its Underutilized Spaces

You surely have unused spaces in your living room. Most of these spaces are its corners. But how can you take advantage of these underutilized spaces?

The corners of your living room are the awkward spaces to decorate. But, you can install small and simple triangular corner bookshelves to utilize these unused spaces while creating a unique design.

Consider Putting a Wastebasket

Your trash cans are one of those things that could affect your home’s design. As a functional item, select a design that complements the decor of your living room so that it would look more cohesive.

Your wastebasket could do wonders for your living room. Picking up the correct style is vital to blend it with your room’s aesthetic. Thus, keeping your trash can empty regularly would ensure that you always have a clean environment.

Keep Your Media Organized

Make your living room more pleasant by keeping your media organized properly. You can arrange your books, DVDs, and magazines, in their dedicated areas. Hence, doing it will help you to find these things when you need them quickly.

Create Some Minimalist Areas

The philosophy of many minimalists is all about getting rid of excess things and get a lifestyle that is living with less of them. As a result, creating minimalist areas in your living room would make the whole space look cleaner and more organized.

The minimalist areas in your home would give you a lot of benefits. Minimalism such as trying to clear out few spaces in your bookshelf will help you get rid of clutters which then make you feel happier and less stress.

Organize Your Books Well

A well-organized living room should also come in arranging your books properly. You can arrange them by their color which is an ideal way of making sure that you put them where they should belong.

Do a Deep-Clean Every Week

A deep-clean for your living room is essential as it is all about more than just maintenance. A thorough cleaning every week is your way to remove even the deepest dirt in your place.

Deep-clean involves cleaning and removing the dust on your floor, on the wall, and the ceiling, and cleaning the windows to achieve a fresh, neat look. Also, take time to visit and other related sites to acquire more tips about cleaning your living room.


Your living room is the primary place where you spend most of your time to bond with your family. Indeed, it is the perfect area to do various activities such as to relax and watch television.

However, it would always be vital to keep the place clean and organized with the help of the valuable info above. Make sure to always bear in mind that it is your living room for a reason.

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