Smart is the New Black: Home Automation Tips and Tricks


Creating a smart home is all the rage at present. But there’s a considerable difference between smart home setups and how useful or efficient they really are.

To help you, we’ve put together some home automation tips and tricks that will save you time and perhaps improve your home setup.

Small is Beautiful

While some people go the whole hog and invest in a host of smart home gadgets, that’s not always necessary. If you’re unsure about where to begin, start small. Once you get used to using one smart device, it’s an easier mental leap to get a second one. With most systems, it’s possible to augment your current system with new smart gadgets as you go along, or when something catches your eye.

A device like the Google Home Mini or a similar entry-level smart device that works as another smart eco-system is the way to go. If you already own an Android device or an Apple one, then the choice is easier still.

Save Money with Smarter Lighting Solutions

While the focus with lighting is mostly on getting smart bulbs, which you can control from your smartphone, there are smart switches too. Each of these provides better access and control of your lighting at any given time.

The LIFX Mini bulbs are particularly good as they hook into your Wi-Fi network and change color using an app where moving a control on the phone’s screen alters the hue of a single light bulb. While they’re useful for a house, an apartment is perhaps where they shine brightest. Each bulb works on its own and so there’s no hub required. As such, it’s a good beginner smart product to take the first steps in automating your home.

Never Miss a Visitor with a Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell is a great upgrade when your wired doorbell is showing signs that it’s time for an upgrade. At the 1-800-doorbell site, their door chimes are wireless too. They’ve got a substantial stock of different doorbells to choose from as a specialist provider, so you can pick out one with exactly the features that you’re looking for. This avoids overbuying a doorbell with more features than you know what to do with.

Wireless doorbells can come with more than one receiver to get a visual or audible notification that someone is at the front door. Getting one with two receivers installed in different areas of your home means you’ll never miss an important visitor.

Never Get Locked Out Again

Automated door locks help ensure your home remains secure. It tracks everyone who’s entered or exited your property. Remote access means that as long as you have your smartphone, you can get back indoors. There are no longer jagged keys wearing a hole through the lining of your pant pockets either.

If you lent a set of keys to a neighbor or friend, should they move away, you can disable their access without needing to get the keys back or change the physical lock.

If a family member is visiting and gets to your address before you do, you can remotely let them in by unlocking the front door while still on the road.

Smarten Up Dumb Devices

Even if some of your current devices aren’t smart, you can change all that with a smart electrical plug.

The plug itself is smart enough to connect to Wi-Fi and lets you control the supply of power. This way, it’s possible to turn on and off certain devices.

Going smart in your home can easily be done in stages. You don’t have to rush into making scores of changes overnight if that’s too much too soon. Pick and choose what appeals to you and implement those.

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