Kluje guide, how to hang a picture.

Pictures are the perfect way to finish of a home improvement project. Pictures also are great focal points for a room and a lot of time and though normally goes into purchasing the right picture for your home. The cost of art work can mount into thousand of dollars so you want to hang it correctly. Here is a simple guide on how to hang a picture. 

What You Need
  • Screws
  • Anchors (plastic wall plug)
  • Screwdriver with appropriate head
  • Drill and bit
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • Pencil
Let's get started.
  1. You will need to determine the weight of the picture to purchase the appropriate anchor and screw sets. You will be able to see the maximum weight the anchor and screw can take on the box. If you are not sure ask a  salesperson at the hardware store.
  2. Decide where to hang the picture.
  3. Using a pencil mark an “X” on the wall where the screw will go. If the picture is large or particularly heavy, you may want to use two anchors.
  4. Use a drill to drill a hole for the anchor. Always use the correct drill bit, in this case a masonry bit should be used. The drill bit should be a little smaller than the closed end of the anchor. If the bit is too big, the anchor will not fit snugly and may not be sure enough inside of the hole. Drill in the centre of the pencil mark. First slowly to prevent the bit from moving away from the pencil mark.
  5. The drilled hole should always be deeper than the length of the anchor. Brush the dust from the area. use a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess dust from the hole.
  6. Gently tap the plastic anchor into the wall using a hammer or rubber mallet. Insert the screw into the anchor and slowly screw it in. Tighten the screw until snug, but do not over tighten.
  7. Be certain to leave part of the screw protruding so that you can hang your picture on it.
  8. You can hang the picture on the screw now.
Tips for Using Anchor Screws
  • Buy more anchors than you need for the project. Some may break or split during installation.
  • When hanging shelves, buy an anchor that can support the both weight of the shelf and the items that will be placed on it.
  • If using plastic expansion anchors, buy the larger size. The more threads on the anchor, the stronger it is.

Need a handyman to hang a picture?

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