5 Easy Weekend Home Projects


Sometimes, home renovation, repair and redesign need to belong and complicated projects. Sometimes, however, they don’t and all you need is a free weekend to make some meaningful changes around your house. The key to accomplishing this is to plan the project out beforehand to use the weekend for the actual work.

If the project is a bit out of your depth, you should consult with the experts before starting any work and make sure you have them on call if something goes wrong during the weekend.

Replace lights

Everyone always plans to replace their lights with the ones that will be more energy-efficient but they hardly get around to it. It’s something that only needs to be done once, since new LED lights last for years and use far less energy than the old ones. These lights are a bit more expensive but they pay for themselves eventually.

If replacing all of the lights at once is too costly for you, you could spread this out over a few weekends and do it room by room. It’s best to start with the ones that are most used.


Most Australians purchase older homes instead of building their own, and nowhere is this more noticeable than in used up and worn down fixtures. Take a weekend to replace them and you’ll notice how they add up and make your whole home appear fresher and better maintained.

Start with light switches and electrical outlets since changing these isn’t just about the look but also about safety. You should also move on to the bathroom and replace showerheads and old faucet handles. All of these will both look better and be easier and more comfortable to use.

Clean up

Cleaning and decluttering your home may not sound like a difficult DIY project, but it will probably take you the whole weekend to do it and it will make a difference. It’s possible to do the cleaning yourself and to hire professionals in rubbish removal from Sydney to take the trash away when you’re done.

These cleaning jobs are also a chance to purge what you don’t use. It’s not necessary to throw old clothing items and furniture away, but you can consider selling or donating them. These things tend to add up and they are always taking up space even in well-maintained homes.

A paint job

A paint job is an easy DIY project that can freshen up and give new life to your home or at least to the room you’re painting. It’s not something that requires you to hire a professional, just to consult one in a paint store.

Have in mind that it will take a while for the paint to dry, even in the hot Sydney weather, so the clean-up after this project may take a bit longer than the weekend itself. If you have the time, you could do the same with window frames and doors.

Yard work

Yard work can take up many forms and there’s pretty much always something you could do in a yard. For starters, it’s important to mow and water the lawn on a regular basis. When this is done, there’s always the clean-up and machine maintenance.

It’s also useful to start preparing for the planting season which often requires planting in containers and later transferring the plants to the yard. All of these are small projects but they will take up most of your weekend once you get into them.

These easy weekend projects require little to no investments and they will improve your home. A bit of work when you have the time for it is all it takes.

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