Interior Design: Using Curves in Your Home

Using curves in the décor of your home can be a difficult and challenging task. Curves work well for softening the look of a space. They can also be used to lengthen a space or to create a focal point. However, finding the right uses for curves in your room takes some skills. Here are 5 tips to make sure that you use curves in all of right places in your home.

1. Select Furniture With Curves

Curves can be created in subtle ways in a room by adding end tables, lamps or area rugs that feature a curved design. Curves can be used in these ways in room that have limited space in order to make them feel less constricted. 

2. Use Curves to Provide Contrast

Curves can also be used to provide contrast if they are used in textured designs, wall coverings or fabrics. The curves can be placed near a bold textured wooden or metallic item to enhance the contrast. This results in a softening effect on the room. Consider curves as a repeating motif in your space and throughout your home in varying degrees.

3. Opt for Curved Windows or Accent Lights

Curves that are incorporated into the house structure itself are not commonly seen. However, they do provide a timeless unique aspect when applied. Consider curved windows or accent lights that are circular-shaped for a unique look. Curves that appear in textured wall coverings also can provide a distinctive look.

4. Create a Focal Point

By purchasing furniture or design elements that are curved, you can create a focal point for your room. A kitchen island with a curved base or a garden bench with a curved seat are excellent ways to create focal points with curved objects. 

5. Arches and Vaulted Ceilings

Incorporating curves in the actual architecture of your home can help to create a unique design that reflects modern or traditional architecture style. Adding textures to the vaulted ceilings or arches will create a look that is truly distinctive.

When it comes to implementing curves in your home, the design possibilities are almost endless. Therefore, picking the best ideas is likely much easier when you work with an interior designer. 

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