Concrete Kitchen Island, 6 Reasons Why You Should Have One

Many people dismiss concrete for their homes because they feel that it is rough and lacks options with regard to style. However, all this is changing with the advent of concrete for a variety of modern interior designs. If you would like unique options for your kitchen, here are 6 reasons to consider installing a concrete kitchen island.

1. Variety of Shape Options

A concrete kitchen island does not need to simply be a rectangle block. In fact, a slab of concrete that has been cut into an interesting geometrical shape can provide the perfect focal point for your kitchen. This can really become an attractive item for a kitchen that has an open floor plan.

2. Durability

A concrete kitchen island is considered to be very durable and can last decades if it is cared for properly. When you are selecting a concrete slab for your kitchen island, you should make sure that the concrete is treated so that it is protected from daily wear when you use it to cook. A concrete kitchen island will last much longer than other types of kitchen islands made from other materials.

3. Complement Your Concrete Floors

If you already have polished concrete flooring installed, a concrete kitchen island will perfectly complement the flooring. If you would prefer to have some contrast, adding some wooden bar stools or storage units can do the trick. 

4. Use With Limited Colour

Concrete kitchen islands work best in kitchen settings that feature the use of limited amounts of colour. If your kitchen is most black and white, a concrete kitchen can provide some contrast thanks to it’s gray colour. You can also mix and match with various textures in the kitchen for added contrast.

5. Perfect for Cooking

A concrete kitchen island is perfect for cooking at home or in a professional kitchen because it is durable and long lasting. A concrete kitchen island can stand up to the wear and tear that comes with preparing a meal. In addition, a concrete kitchen island is very easy to clean and won't stain easily as long as it has been polished and stains are wiped up quickly. To maintain a concrete kitchen island, you will only need to wash weekly with warm sloppy water to get rid of food and dust that may build up on it.

6. Design Around Your Kitchen Island

Since you are already designing your kitchen around the major elements of your kitchen, a concrete kitchen island can make your kitchen really stand out. If you are trying to figure out what are the best colours that work with a concrete kitchen island, stick with neutral shades that are in the same colour family as the kitchen island. Adding in varying textures such as wood or metal can add contrast to the concrete. 

If you want to have a concrete kitchen island installed in your kitchen, a professional kitchen contractor can provide you with an estimate. Click here to get your quotes now.

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