How often should I paint the interior of my home?

How long will the paint in my home last? This is a question most homeoweners will ask themselves. It should normally be many years, if not decades, before paint starts to peel or deteriorate. However, many factors can cause paint jobs to decrease their longevity and lose their luster. Cracking may occur in the paint as the house settles, but that is usually due to the structure shifting and not a poor paint job. If the paint was not applied properly (eg, surface not prepared correctly), it may peel earlier, or this may indicate another major problem such as moisture in the walls. However a good quality job done by a professional crew under normal conditions should last anywhere from 6-10 years. 

Here are 3 main factors that can contribute.

1.Quality of Paint 

High quality paint is the most influential factor which will determine how long your interior paint work will last. More expensive paints are usually more resistant to knocks and impacts and are less prone to splattering, which makes both application easier and the lifetime of the paint longer. Ultimately, paint quality and therefore the lifetime of the paint work will depend on how much you are willing to spend.

2.Amount of Traffic 

Rooms that have high traffic, will have an increased chances of abrasions and paint chips.  Using a higher quality paint will help to resist higher levels of abrasion, which is especially important for rooms that are children’s rooms and playrooms. Every room in your home will have different conditions and as a result, the amount of time before you need to repaint the interior of your home will vary dramatically. High traffic areas may need a paint job every 3-4 years. 


Nicotine in cigarette smoke will stain the walls of your home, and is extremely difficult to remove due to the surface of walls and ceilings been porous which allows the nicotine to absorb easily.  Nicotine is actually water-soluble, so it can bleed through latex paint and penetrate into the walls or woodwork beneath it. Remember any type of smoke will dull and stain the paint on your walls and wood work, which effectively decreases longevity of the paint work. Same as high traffic areas, every 3-4 years. A more simple solution is to not smoke indoors. 

The most effective way to figure out how often you need to repaint your home is to get a professional painter to evaluate your current situation and to give you a precise answer. can make this extremely easy, allowing you to quickly and easily connect to high quality local painters and professionals in a flash.

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