Homemade tile adhesive and grout


Homemade tile adhesive.

This seems really odd but it apparently works! If you have no tile adhesive and a tile falls off in your kitchen wall. Make your own tile adhesive. You'll need some jam heated to boiling point and then applied to the back of the tile. Push the tile in place and hold for a few minutes. Once the tile is stuck you can grout as normal. Remember this is for small repairs and not for wet-rooms.

Homemade grout

Mix the Portland cement and fine-grade sand. For tiles that are close together, use a ratio of about 1:1. For larger gaps, use a ratio of Portland cement to sand of about 1:3. Begin adding water slowly to the mixture with a mixing stick. The grout must have the consistency of cake frosting. It should not be runny. Slowly add a natural earth pigment powder while mixing until the desired shade is reached. Natural earth pigments can be purchased in several different colours. With a grout float begin spreading it with light pressure over the tile gaps. Make sure you get the grout in between all the gaps.  It is all right to get grout on the tile as this will be removed later. Let the grout dry until the tiles appear dull and hazy. Dampen a sponge in clean water and rub it in a circular motion over the surface of the tiles until clean. Remember not to press too hard, you may remove some grout from between the tiles. Mist the grout with water using a spray bottle over the next 10 days to damp-cure it. Damp-curing is important in low-humidity areas to prevent the grout from drying too quickly and can lose strength and crack. This grout can also be used as an adhesive.


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