Can Feature Walls Be Used in Small HDB Homes?


Feature walls offer the perfect way to expand a space and increase the beauty of a nicely done interior design. While most people think that feature walls are only for large homes, more homeowners with smaller homes are considering this option. A well-designed feature wall can be stunning without compromising the functionality of the room. Here are 3 tips on how to add a feature wall to an HDB home.

Feature Wall Functionality Options

In many HDB homes, a feature wall is commonly used as an entertainment centre. An alternative use of a feature wall is to use it as a storage space. While this option is not often considered, it can be used as a clever wall to display decorative objects if the right style of wall shelving is selected. In addition, a feature wall with a bookcase is another way to use a feature wall as a storage area. The bottom line is that extending the interior design to a wall of the space does not have to compromise the functionality of the room in any way. In fact, it can actually enhance the functionality if done properly.

Open Up the Space

Feature walls can also be used to open up the space. Dark colours can make a room feel smaller. While lighter hues can help a room to feel more spacious than it actually is. Feature walls should also have carefully selected textures or solid colours that will complement the other design features of the room. An interior designer can assist with selecting the appropriate textures or colours for a feature wall.

Get Assistance

Designing a feature wall for your entertainment devices can be quite tricky and would be easier to achieve with the help of a professional interior designer. This will make it easier for you to plan out the design of the feature wall. In addition, it is a good idea to check with the HDB or local regulators to make sure that the changes that you are about to make do not require any special permits. A home renovation service can also assist you in this area to let you know what is permissible.



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