Interior Design and my TV.

Have you got a flat-screen TV in your living room, but you have no idea where to put it. Interior design can be tricky when it comes to placing it. There are many questions you will ask yourself, how do I display it in a tasteful way and I don't want to make the TV a centerpiece of the room? 

To help you, here are 3 tips to get you started.. 

1. Install a false wall. If you don't want a fancy TV unit, install a false wall. A false wall will allow you to hide all the cables and give a clean but plain finish to your decor. This is a great way to maintain that minimalistic look. 

2. Hide it If your objective is for the TV not to become the centerpiece of the room, hide it. If you are having your living room redesigned by an interior designer, ask them to hide it behind a sliding flat panel cover, or have it build in to a unit behind cabinet doors. This most likely will require you to hire a carpenter and will cost you, but will remove the distraction of the TV and focus on the decor. 

3. Focal point If you are proud of your TV, make it the focal point of the room. Remember larger TV's make better focal points than small TV's. Place it in the center of the wall or have an architectural piece made for it to be mounted on. Build a unit and make it the center piece. 

Now that you have decided, you may consider getting a an interior design firm to help with the design and construction.

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