7 Technologies to Consider when Renovating your Home


As the new year continues, you may have planned a few changes here and there. One thing on some people’s minds is remodeling their home to give a new and fresh appearance for the new year. Remodeling is all about fitting your home with the newest trends, interior design décor, and technology. Before you install new gadgets, you may want to consider the following technologies for your renovation project:

New Technologies to Consider

1. Remote Accessibility

As you remodel your home, you can consider the latest technologies in remote access automation. Using the internet of things (IoTs) you can be able to control certain features in your smart home from anywhere. For example, before you leave the office, you can adjust the setting in your home’s thermostat from your smartphone or tablet so that the temperature is just right when you arrive home.

2. Smart Storage

Another interesting piece of innovation that you can consider during the remodeling process is smart storage. Nowadays, it is all about efficiency and proper use of space. For example, you can have your tv automatically drop down from the ceiling or reveal itself from within the walls or cabinet. That way, you can use the tv room wall for something else, such as hanging a picture.

3. Safety

You can also update your home security system with the latest technologies. For example, you can install motion sensing surveillance cameras and floodlights that alert you of any unwanted presence. You can also connect to your home camera through the IoT and get updates from any location. These new technologies allow you to be more attentive and involved with your home’s security.

4. Integrated Systems

One of the most interesting innovations for homes at the moment is integrated technologies that allow you to control the entire house from a central system. For example, you can use the control pad to turn on the heater, music, lights, and draw the curtains to improve privacy at night. The control panel can also allow you to open the main gate for visitors and familiar faces. For your convenience, you can place the controls in strategic places around the house for easy access.

5. Using IoT to Control Appliances

If you work from home or are a stay-at-home spouse, you should consider installing connected appliances to make work easier and improve the execution of chores. For example, you can request the coffee maker to prepare coffee when you wake up from your bedroom. You can either use a digital assistant to do so or your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the digital assistant to alert you when the washing machine is done with first cycle.

6. Energy Management Systems

As you remodel your home, you should also consider installing an energy management system to keep track of your energy expenses. For example, some systems turn off the power of devices when they are not in use. That way, you end up saving a lot from reduced energy bills. Alternatively, you can opt for an app that enables you to monitor renewable energy consumption. For example, if you have installed solar panels, the system can tell you how much solar power is stored and its estimated usage period.

7. Cleaning Technologies

In case you always want to keep your toilet spotless, there are new automatic systems that self clean. Sometimes, water leaks can flood your home or make some parts of the floor slippery. There are new automatic systems that prevent this kind of mess by detecting leaks and shutting down the system. There are also vacuum robots that can clean the floor automatically once you turn them on.


Adding the mentioned technologies to your home during the remodeling process can greatly improve its functionality. As a result, you end up with a secure energy efficient clean home.


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