16 Unique DIY Home Goods Creations: VELCRO®, Duct Tape, and More


Having beautiful and functional home goods doesn’t have to mean going on a spending spree. In fact, many essentials, both decorative and practical, can be created out of things you might already have lying around! Whether you’re looking for a fun rainy day project or a cheaper way to get some home essentials, it’s time to get crafty with these 16 DIY home goods designs.  

  1. Altoids Tin Jewelry Box

Is your dresser overflowing with earrings and other small jewelry pieces? Keep them organized and easy to find by turning an Altoids tin into a DIY jewelry box! It’s easy to create one with as many dividers as you need to keep your collections orderly and, as the tutorial demonstrates, you can add decorative paper and charms to give it your personal touch.

  1. Silverware Cabinet Pulls

If you’ve got new cabinets that need handles or have just a little too much silverware on your hands, try repurposing some silverware into beautiful and eye-catching cabinet pulls. You can go with modern silverware for a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic or use older and more ornate silverware for something a little more elaborate.

  1. Coffee Filter Flowers

Itching to celebrate winter’s end by adding a spring or summer touch to your home? Try making these gorgeous and oh-so-easy DIY coffee filter flowers! They’re an incredibly cost-effective decoration, and their thin, light texture gives them a close resemblance to real spring flora.

  1. Paint Can Lanterns

Got some extra paint cans hanging out after your most recent painting project? Recycle them into stunning hanging lanterns for your garden, using just a few simple materials, including a tin punch. When they’re done, place a votive candle inside and enjoy the light patterns they create.

  1. Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

Millions of wooden shipping pallets are used once and thrown away every year, and it can be hard to find a great-looking rustic bookshelf on a budget. That’s why this DIY wooden pallet bookshelf is such a great value proposition—for just a few bucks’ worth of materials, you can create a gorgeous and sturdy bookshelf out of something that would almost certainly end up in a landfill otherwise!

  1. Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses

Need a set of drinking glasses for your new place? Is your recycling bin full of empty bottles from your housewarming? Turn your favorite beers into cool and unique glassware with this simple tutorial. Make sure you sand the glass rims thoroughly!  

  1. Coffee Can Compost Bucket

Composting is a fantastic way to reduce household waste and is great for creating rich, fertile gardening soil. Best of all, you can make an incredibly easy DIY compost bucket from a simple coffee can! This tutorial shows you how to do it for a mere $1.50 (if you already own a drill.)



  1. Wooden Hanger Wall Racks

A wooden hanger is great for a jacket, but it can do so much more! Using some simple techniques, you can turn these hangers into wall-mounted racks that are great for hats, scarves, keys, and nearly anything else. Add your own artistic touches like paint and patterns to complement your home’s aesthetic.

  1. Key Hooks

Most of us have some old keys lying around that we’ve accumulated over the years. As the artist Peter Cole demonstrated, these are easy to turn into cute, vintage-inspired hooks. What can you hang on them? May we suggest: more keys!

  1. VELCRO® Dots Chore Organizer

Whose turn is it to take out the trash? How about the dishes or mowing the lawn? VELCRO® Brand Dots on a Roll offer a quick and easy way to create your own household chore organization system. Create a chart and use the dots to move around chores as you rotate them between people in your household.

  1. Plastic Bag Wastebasket

It’s more apparent than ever that plastic bags are a serious threat to our environment, so any way you can reuse them is helpful! For starters, try out this wastepaper basket made of plastic bags. It’s less difficult than it might seem and, thanks to the variety of colors available, you can end up with a seriously brilliant basket!

  1. Milk Crate Credenza

Milk crates have long been a staple of upcycling and DIY, thanks to their sturdy and versatile nature. So, skip that overpriced credenza from the mall and try making your own! It’s an ideal storage spot for bookbags, shoes, and other on-the-go items.

  1. Vinyl Record Wine Rack

You don’t have to have a million-dollar wine cellar to store your favorite bottles in style. In fact, all you need is some old vinyl records you don’t want. Turn them into a wine rack using this easy tutorial and show off your passions for both music and wine!

  1. Duct Tape Hammock

Yep, you read that right! The legendary strength of duct tape can even create a hammock strong enough for a grown adult. It’s good to use colors other than the original black, which can become scorchingly hot in the summer sun—the tutorial creator went with a patriotic red, white, and blue.

  1. VELCRO® Hand Tool Organizer

Organizing your hand tools has never been easier when you’ve got the power of VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Tape Fasteners at your disposal. Simply attach a strip—either hooks or loops—to the wall using the built-in adhesive, and then add pieces from the opposite side to your tools. This is also great for artists, craft hobbyists, and anyone else who needs their tools organized neatly.

  1. Bike Wheel Chandelier

For the cycling enthusiast looking to add a touch of unique DIY decoration, it’s hard to go wrong with an awesome bike wheel chandelier. Turn your other lights off and give it a spin to wow your party guests!



It doesn’t matter if you’re new to DIY crafts or a hot glue gun professional—the variety of awesome things you can make by upcycling simple household items is truly astonishing. The best part is that, once you’ve got a few projects under your belt, you’ll often begin to see household objects differently and, before you know it, you’ll be coming up with your own designs! The fun of crafting never ends, and it’s all the more awesome when it helps you maximize the utility of everyday objects in your home.

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