Wooden Flooring - A Modern Trend For The Kitchen


Wooden flooring is an ultimate flooring option that brings out the sheer elegance in your home. Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is the busiest space where you spend time. Therefore, one needs to look after the maintenance of the kitchen. When you have wooden floors in the kitchen, then it becomes even more luxurious. Wondering how wooden flooring looks in the modern trendy kitchen, then you are at right place.

Kitchens have been a favorite and vital place in the home.  In the beginning, the kitchens were separated through the wall that isolated it from home. Moreover, then came the trend of connecting kitchens to the living rooms. Due to this trend, everyone was able to communicate with each other.

Over the years, we have seen so many trends coming and going, and some stayed forever like flooring. Amidst all of these trends, flooring is an essential element. Wooden flooring is a popular choice for the kitchen for decades.

Ask any interior designer; their first recommendation will always be wooden flooring. It is true that it has brilliant looks that enhance the look of the interior.  Apart from that, wooden flooring is durable and lasts longer than the usual flooring. Numerous people prefer integrating the natural beauty of the wood flooring with that of the interior.

In this blog, today we are going to share with you everything you need to know about the wooden flooring – a modern trend for the kitchen. From the pros and cons, certain types of options in wooden flooring to are wooden flooring a preferable option for the kitchen.

We have got you covered. Scroll down to find more about the wooden flooring!  

Pros of wooden flooring

•    Wooden flooring has the capability of uplifting the look of your kitchen. The timeless looks never fail to go out of style.

•    The resale value of the home increases if you have wooden flooring installed in your home.

•    Unlike the cold tiles during winter, wooden flooring gives you warmth than any other kind of flooring. Moreover, you can even walk barefoot. During summer, it provides your coolness.

•    Wooden flooring keeps the indoor environment clean and fresh. Because of which the chances of having respiratory problems drop down.

•    You don’t need to clean it every day. Thrice in a week and your flooring will look excellent as always.

Cons of wooden flooring

•    Wooden flooring is sensitive hence one need to handle it with care and ensure that there are no stains and scratches.

•    Wooden flooring is also vulnerable to water. Though there are various options available these days that consists of waterproof flooring, it’s best to take the necessary steps and avoid your wooden flooring from getting damaged.


Different types of wooden flooring for your kitchen

•    Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is the much preferable option for its beauty and durability. The entire plank is created of natural wood. For anyone who is looking to make the kitchen look charming and authentic must go for hardwood flooring.

•    Engineered hardwood flooring

It’s versatile, unique and flexible – engineered hardwood flooring is relatively less expensive than any other type of wooden flooring.

Several layers of wood are pressed together. The actual hardwood is kept on top and bottom as well.

•    Oak flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring is forever-classic and gives you warmth. It goes well with a modern interior and all the types of furniture and décor.

Two types of oak flooring are red oak and white oak.

•    Pine flooring

If there are, one species among wooden flooring that looks gorgeous as it ages is the pine flooring. Besides, some people wish to have an environment-friendly alternative in case of flooring.

Well, here is your option. Pine grows in abundance, thereby making it a renewable source.

•    Parquet flooring

Though parquet flooring is used to create designs, they have become a trendy option for the kitchen. It looks similar to that of traditional hardwood flooring.

Is wooden flooring an excellent option for a kitchen?

The kitchen is a busy room than any other rooms in your home. From spills to water splashes and even dropping utensils – everything takes place within a kitchen. There are myriad of things that can happen in your kitchen.

So, is it really okay to have wooden flooring in your kitchen?

Our answer to your question is – YES!

We have mentioned down the benefits of wooden flooring. Alongside, as we are moving towards innovation, there are water resistant options of flooring as well.

Another crucial point is your heels won’t hurt if you stand still for a prolonged period, thereby making wooden flooring – best option for your kitchen. A modern trend that not only makes your kitchen stands apart but also offers certain benefits.

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