Winter Home Renovation Ideas and Tips


Spring might be the season associated with cleaning, but some of us don’t want to wait until the weather thaws to give our homes a facelift. Luckily there’s nothing stopping you from refurbishing your home this winter. Whether you want to tackle a DIY project or have plans for a professional renovation, there are plenty of ways to make some positive and productive home changes this season.

Blues be Gone

Did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real predicament, leading to seasonal blues? Cheer yourself up and chase the blues away with a mini home facelift. There are several home improvements that are specifically structured to cure winter sadness. Consider giving your walls a new style since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time indoors and looking at them. Crown molding and some bright new paint can entirely change the atmosphere of a room and liven up the house. Focus on adding light colors throughout your house in order to lift spirits during gloomy days.

Backsplashes of color are ideal ways to add extra personality to a room without spending big money. Retile your kitchen with hundreds of options from home improvement stores. If you want a simple but effective way to make a room more cheerful, invest in some LED-style lights and fill your rooms with lamps and strings of lights to create a warm and happy glow. If you’re in the need of some extra light, you can also consider installing French sliding doors in your house or replacing some windows with stained glass to let natural lighting filter in. Lastly, after a cold and grueling winter day the first thing you need is something warm and relaxing. Consider renovating your bathroom to turn it into a winter spa where you can reside in comfort.

Baby, It’s Warm Inside

Make your home a toasty retreat that your family can snuggle in and your friends can flock to. There are many fireplace options for homeowners who don’t necessarily want to go the traditional logs and lighter fluid route. Consider getting a ventless gas log fireplace. Ventless gas log sets are ideal for houses that don’t have a chimney or if homeowners want a calming glow without the extra warmth. They’re also an energy efficient option for a cozy winter setting.

There are actually a variety of fireplace options that range from traditional to affordable. There are now enclosed fireplaces, fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves in additional to traditional open hearth fireplaces for wood burning options. Meanwhile, gas burning fireplaces include direct-vented fireplaces and ventless options, while a third option of ethanol burning fireplaces is also offered. Ethanol fireplaces include fireplace conversions for traditional fireplaces, as well as wall mounted and tabletop fireplaces. You can also consider installing an outdoor fireplace for bonfires and marshmallow roasting.

Insulate Your Dwelling

Winter home improvements isn’t all about redecorating. It can be extremely costly to keep your home insulated for extended winters, and proper insulation is key to keeping your energy bills down. Keep your house warm while saving money by following winter insulation tips and tricks to stay energy efficient. Windows are a key way to save on insulation. Open curtains during the day to allow the sunlight to filter in and use heavy curtains at night to help keep the cold out. Consider that setting the temperature a degree or two lower than your ideal standard could end up saving you a ton of money.

You can also regulate your house with central heating timers to be more energy efficient. Roofs are a major source of insulation loss, so make sure you roof insulation is maximized. The cost of an insulation upgrade will be offset by the money saved on heating bills. Drought-proofing is also an ideal way to save on heating bills. Lastly, make sure that your boiler is upgraded and is energy efficient to cut down on your bills this winter.

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