Why should you use Glass for interior Walls & Partitions


If you’re on the brink of welcoming an inspirational change in your home or lifestyle, we have a simple suggestion that is guaranteed to transform your world into one with immense possibilities! 

A change of mindset can manifest itself in many aspects of your home, but one that will make sure to send out the message loud and clear is by deploying the use of Glass – inside, outside, above, or below… U name it, it can happen! 

Sounds simple, right?  It is.  Let us explain how…

You will notice that the very moment you replace some of your drab wooden, ply or metal walls or partitions; you will be catapulted into a state of higher living.  Your dingy, predictable life will assume vast, bright proportions.  Dead ends will result in new openings.  Dark and dreary aspects of your life will receive the much needed light.  And this, my friend, would just be the beginning…

Why does Glass make a difference?

If dense brick walls are preventing you from admiring all the hard work you’ve put into your garden, let us free you with this idea - You can now replace that wall with a glass divider!  This will automatically create enthralling oneness between the outdoors and your inner space while shielding you from the bright sun, rain, bugs and the like. 

Glass walls in your apartment will miraculously add square feet to your space.  Let’s go a step further.... Tinted or frosted glass partitions within your home promise to lend beautiful aesthetic appeal and increased privacy in a very clever way.  Apart from being highly sleek and uber-cool, glass is actually more durable and longer lasting than wood or metal.  Not to mention ‘cool’… Or did we already mention that…?!!!

So let’s discuss some more ideas… For your landed home, the outdoor roofing or awning can also be of complete or partial glass, letting in natural light and creating an ethereal ambience.  We also recommend glass railings rather than metallic or wooden planks for your corridors and staircases. This provides a clear, obstruction free view of the premises. 

Other advantages of Glass

While transforming your space into a zone of absolute positivity and ample space, you will also be playing your part in saving the planet.  That’s the hidden advantage here… The utilization of glass in the construction of your home or office naturally cuts dependence on natural resources.  This truly makes it a futuristic investment in the right direction.

So try it!  The options are unimaginably wide.  Due to the advances in technology in the area of Glass Treatment and Manufacturing, today, glass can be used as an exterior material providing any construction a swanky façade or one can very easily prop up glass walls and partitions within the home or office.  As soon as glass appears on the scene, everything changes.  It’s magical!!!



The author is a Glass Contractor, providing Glass and Glazing services for residential and commercial projects in the Singapore.  For further information, visit his website at https://www.houseofglass.com.sg/


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