Why Every Home Needs a Feature Wall

Having a feature wall can really enhance the décor of a home. If you have not yet installed a feature wall in your home, you should know that this design element is becoming a must-have for all modern design homes. If you want to consider a feature wall for your home, here are some reasons why every home needs a feature wall.

What Is a Feature Wall?

A feature wall is a single wall in your room that stands out from the other walls in your room in order to create a focal point for the room. In addition, feature walls can also serve other purposes such as acting as a display area for decorative objects, storage space or even an entertainment console.

A feature wall is the easiest way to create an exciting interior design in a room. The number of options for designs are endless and the design for a feature wall can range from just a coat of paint in a different colour to a custom designed, textured wall that is vastly different from the other walls of the room. The design options generally focus on making the feature wall significantly different from the other walls of the room.

Why Feature Walls Are Necessary

In smaller homes, it can be challenging to create interior designs that truly look finished due to the lack of space. Feature walls can help to provide challenging and complex interior designs even in a smaller home, thanks to the contrast that they can provide. In addition, feature walls can also serve multiple functionalities. If lack of space has resulted in a lack of storage space, a feature wall can double as a bookshelf. Alternatively, a feature wall can also be used as an entertainment centre if more room is need in the floor area for other uses.

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