Which home renovations are safe to do by yourself?

DIY home renovations can be very rewarding as it might help save a lot of money and give you a sense of accomplishment when you can transform your living space into a dream home. However, not all projects are suitable for amateurs since they require the right tools such as a contractor table saw, pry bars or voltage tester. More importantly, some improvement tasks are just dangerous for regular or even experienced homeowners to do themselves. With that in mind, here are some safe projects that you can perform on your own without hiring a professional service.

Which home renovations are dangerous and risky?

In general, you should rule out any types of home renovation projects that have the potential to damage your house severely or injure yourself seriously. These include anything requiring natural gas pipelines, main electrical lines simply because you obviously don't want to cause a big explosion or burn your home  down. Depending on the task, you would also want to stay away from plumbing projects because they often require more tools and knowledge than electrical work.

Also, some projects might expose greater risks to your house itself. Beware of any work that might affect the structural integrity, such as converting the roof space or knocking down the walls. These seem relatively simple, but if you don’t know there is plumbing or electrical wiring behind it, you might be in serious troubles. In these cases, you have no choice but to have the job done by a professional.

Which home renovation tasks are safe to perform yourself?

1. Paint the wall

Painting is probably the easiest task that everyone can do on their own. Creating a new cover for your living room or the entire home would add value or make it look larger just in a few hours of working. The key to a good painting project is to repair any imperfections on your walls, such as screws or popped nails, and create an even, smooth surface for performing.

2. Improve the entry

As the first area a visitor encounters, the front entrance of your house shows a lot of things about what stands behind it. However, it is often a renovation task that is forgotten about or put off. In fact, it is quite straightforward to replace an exterior door. Just with several simple tools and a few hours on the weekend, you can have an impressive entry to surprise your friends and neighbors.

3. Install new faucets

Proper and frequent cleaning can considerably extend the lifetime of the faucets, but sometimes there is no choice for dated ones, except a complete replacement. When installing new faucets, the most challenging task might be to remove the old ones. But once this is finished, you just need to follow the manual guide to replace your bathroom or kitchen faucet without any trouble.

4. Lay a tile floor

Many people are nervous to deal with tiling a tile floor. Nevertheless, you can have a professional result just with a little planning for the layout. In general, it is better to start with the bathroom floor because this area often has a smaller footprint. This makes it much easier for a first-timer to start, or to try out a unique tile size or shape.

5. Upgrade the lighting

Adding a new lighting or ceiling fixture is the perfect way to add personality and drastically change your room’s scope by making it look larger or adding mood. Even an old unwanted feature like can lights might be retrofitted with chandeliers or pendants to create a little bit of glam. Also, consider installing unexpected upgrades such as a chandelier in your bathroom or an external barn-styled lighting above the bathroom vanity. These projects are relatively straightforward and can be done within several hours.


When it comes to our home, nothing is better than investing your time and effort into upgrades that make it become an ideal place to live. Not only does it help you save a lot of money on experienced services, performing DIY home renovations can also give you a sense of pride when showing your work to friends or neighbors. However, the above list is just a reference, make sure to consider your capabilities and possible risks before getting started with a new project. Always keep in mind that safety is the top priority.

Do you want to add any task to our list? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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