When to Call an Emergency Plumber Number?


Some of the common residential plumbing emergencies when people call an emergency plumber are clogged drains, gas leaks or pipe damages. Emergency plumbing reporting is often not on the priority list of customers. Ignored issues and general negligence often hence leads to huge damages in pipes or stubborn drainage systems. You should not wait for the last moment when the problems become too huge or out of control. There are certain issues which need only emergency plumber assistance.

When should you contact an emergency plumber?

Following are some of the various conditions and scenarios which require you to contact an emergency plumber only.

  • Poor water pressure - Having a poor water pressure in the pipes is very common. But if such a situation persists for a long period it means that there is a serious problem with the water supply system. Such a scenario requires an emergency plumber help. You can dial the emergency plumber number your state has and seek for urgent assistance.

  • Lack of hot water – A consistent supply of hot water is the basic requirement of every household. If your hot water supply has suddenly stopped then you know that it is time to call for an emergency plumber.

  • The sudden burst of the pipes- This is a condition where you should not wait and immediately call emergency plumber assistance. The pipe burst can not only lead to a bigger leakage, but it will also impact the flow of water in the entire household.

  • Frozen Pipes- When water in the pipe freezes it expands and this may even burst the pipes. In this situation, you must close the main valve initially and then call for help. Such works must only be resolved through professional plumbers.

  • Running toilets- Sometimes the flush of the toilet is not working properly, or the water continues to flow even after the flush has stopped. It indicates that some part of the flush system requires a repair or a replacement. A professional plumber will help you in such cases.

A plumbing emergency step to be taken

If you are in such a situation where the problem is way out of your control and the plumber is on the way, here are certain tips that you must follow in the meanwhile:



  • Shutting off the main water system – This is the first step that one must take in an emergency situation is to close the main water supply as soon as possible.

  • Try to work on stopping the small leakages - If you encounter small leaks try to fix them. You can use plumber’s tape for example to seal the small leaks. Call the emergency plumber number- People often fail to call a plumber in such an emergency. An emergency plumber is one who is prepared and has the experience and qualification to deal with sudden issues.

  • Check your water heater - When there is an emergency it is advised to close water heater in order to avoid any further damage. You need to turn off the water heater after turning off the main valve. This will prevent the heat to accumulate inside it which can lead to overheating or even bursting of pipes.

Plumbing emergencies are unavoidable. A competent plumber knows how to handle the emergency plumbing issues and gives you a solution almost instantly. Choosing an emergency plumber will also possess a cost factor associated with it. Shortlist a list of emergency plumber near your locality and compare their services and charges. It is always feasible to have the number of an emergency plumber handy for such unavoidable situations.

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