What's Hot in Current Bedroom Design?


Bedrooms are the favorite place to be, both for night owls and early risers. The best trend of all is to do what suits you personally and what you love. After all, it is your space and it should be an original expression of you. However, there are some rules to follow and it always helps to keep an eye on the buzzing trends and get inspired that way.  

Here are some ideas on how to assemble a breathtaking space that makes you feel good and relaxed the moment you step in or open your eyes.

Mid-century with a modern flavor

What goes around comes back around. A mid-century modern style is making a big comeback. This does not come as a surprise because it has been dominating living rooms for a few years now. In the bedroom, you can let the savor of the bygone decades take hold by adding retro accents in orange, yellow, blue, and red. Likewise, consider investing in a few furniture pieces that echo vintage allure. Think in terms of rounded butterfly chairs, nightstands with chrome legs, and retro lamps.  

Wooden elements

Wood is huge in the world of interior design and bedrooms are no exception. There are numerous ways to incorporate this material, but you could go for something impactful, such as a statement wood plank wall. Distressed paneling will infuse your bedroom with a charm of a log cabin and it also compliments modern furniture well, enabling you to successfully blend different styles. And if you want to start small, opt for a custom plank headboard instead.

Stronger colors

The bedroom should ooze tranquility and serve as a pristine sanctuary of relaxation. Still, this design philosophy does not have to imply a monochrome light scheme. One of the prominent trends involves stronger, bold colors that draw attention and boost visual appeal. Tones that steal the show right now are navy blue, dark gray, and rich chocolate brown. They are subdued hues that emit a soothing vibe and do not disrupt visual peace and quiet.

A striking bed

The bed is the heart and soul of the room and it can also be its shining crown jewel. Take the example of a four-poster bed, which is a great centerpiece for any kind of bedroom. There is something serene and cozy about curling up in this stunning refuge. A more contemporary style typically features clean and simple lines and does not include a canopy. But, once you find a suitable piece, you can get your creative juices flowing when it comes to bells and whistles. Set a romantic atmosphere and melt your stress and worries away.

Warm textures

We all want the calming space around us to give us a warm embrace. To make the magic happen, inject some warmth with fuzzy textures and fabrics of rugs. If you lack inspiration, you can browse DecoRug’s designer rug options and take your pick. You can also add new throw pillows and change your bedding for an instant change of ambiance. Do not hesitate to splurge on a luxury duvet. Note that this is also a chance to be a bit whimsical and playful with patterns. So, use brighter tones in moderation: Mix it up and have fun.

Lighting centerpiece

Look beyond table lamps and what we usually see in bedrooms. Go for a lighting centerpiece that will liven up your space. You could turn your room into much more than a place for getting a good night’s sleep. Some of the most popular options are chandeliers and pendants. And if you want something really special, let the ceiling sport a unique designer or a peculiar sculptural fixture. You can turn it off once it is time to drift away to the dreamland or simply relax.

Tucked in style

The aforementioned trends aren’t likely to die anytime soon. They can be your guiding light when navigating the labyrinths of decoration and design decisions. Don’t just stick to the norm or blindly follow what others are doing. After all, the bedroom should reflect your personality and taste.

So, unleash the inner designer. Witness the bedroom inviting you to leave responsibilities and duties behind. Silence the noises of the outside world and immerse yourself in your personal stylish retreat.

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