What Must Your Singapore Renovation Contract Have?

Home renovations can range from the simplest updates to the most complex additions and modifications. If you are planning to renovate your Singapore home, you must make sure that your wishes are detailed in a contract. By doing so, you can ensure that the job will be completed to your specifications and that you and your renovation contractor on the same page.

This assumes that you have already found the right contractor for the job. If you are still reviewing interior designers, you should make sure that you have them come to your home for a review and estimate of the type of work that they will be doing first. This way the interior design service will know what they are dealing with and there will be no confusion as to the items specified in the contract when it is time to draw one up. If you have already passed this step, then you can go ahead and start putting the necessary contracts together. Here are a few things that your renovation package and contracts should include.


If you want the job to go smoothly, you should include in the contract all of the items that the home contractors will need to work. This includes making stipulations for items such as portable toilets, disposal of waste, cleanups and a full description of how the renovation project will proceed. You should also make sure that you include the architectural plans, site plans and site surveys as well as a well itemized description materials that will be needed to get the job done.

Completion Estimates

Your contract should also specify a clear estimated start and finish date for the project. If the project will likely be a long term project, then adding in milestones, payment terms and daily schedules are a good idea.


When it comes to the parts that will be ordered to complete the renovation, make sure that you are clear on the costs and any warranties that come along with these items. You should also make sure that you create extra allowances in the budget in case you decide that you would like to change parts that have been ordered or if additional changes need to be made.

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