What is Bamboo Flooring?

When it comes to bamboo flooring, there are several options that are available if you are looking to install new flooring. Bamboo has become quite popular in recent years because it is eco-friendly and offers a finished, elegant look.

Bamboo offers many advantages over solid hardwood. One of the top advantages is the fact that bamboo is high sustainable, a feature that is like to make bamboo even more of a great sell leading to lower prices in the future. Bamboo can grow quickly and can be harvested in just 6-7 years. Bamboo does that need to be replanted in order to undergo regeneration. This is a stark contrast from trees that require at least 30-60 years before they become fully mature. Trees have to be replanted flooring harvesting. Bamboo is therefore a reliable resource that is sustainable and renewable.

Bamboo is very tough thanks to its hollow cellular structure. Bamboo can also resist breakage and dents. Bamboo is also less likely to be damaged by hardwood. Because bamboo flooring is laminated, this type of flooring is also less likely to cup, warp or have gaps. Other advantages of bamboo flooring include resistance against pests and spills. Bamboo is also very affordable and is quite easy to clean. To maintain bamboo flooring, all that is needed is a quick sweep every now and then along with mopping.

Bamboo floors offer many style, finish and colour options. If you are planning to purchase bamboo floors, make sure to check the quality and the environmental responsibility of the flooring supplier. Bamboo is typically grown in Chinese forests. The most commonly harvested species of bamboo is Moso. This type of bamboo is the most durable and is exclusively grown on plantations in order to guarantee quality. Bamboos that have been grown for 5-7 years are the best quality. You should also opt for an aluminium oxide finish for your bamboo flooring. 

Maintaining your bamboo floors is essential to making sure that they stay in good shape. Bamboo floors should be regularly cleaned and any liquid spills should be immediately cleaned up to prevent staining or warping. Avoid exposing the floors to direct sunlight over a prolonged period. Opting for the best quality bamboo flooring is likely one of the best choices that you can make.

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