Solid Wood Flooring for Your Home

Do you love solid wood flooring? Solid wood flooring offers an easy to install, elegant option for your home. While there are various types of flooring that you could install in your home, the best option will really depend on your décor. Some people opt for concrete, while others may opt for ceramic tiles, solid wood or other options.

When it comes to the living rooms, many people prefer natural stone options such as marble, granite or solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is usually made from hardwood such as teak or oak. Both of these hardwoods can add a sophisticated feel to your home. While ceramic tiles or laminate flooring might be cheaper, these flooring options can give the room a cold mood. In addition, the feel of timber is much better than cold tile in the bedroom when it is cold outside. Laminate flooring also tends to be made from plastic which does not look natural and is not healthy.

Solid wood flooring comes as strips of flooring in the form of planks for outdoor decking or parquet flooring. Solid wood flooring will provide a warm mood for a room. If parquet flooring is used in a room, the contrasting patterns of the wood provided by each strip of flooring will provide an interesting look and can transform the feel of an otherwise boring room. Solid wood flooring is not likely to absorb dust. Therefore, daily maintenance is simple. You will only need to sweep the floor occasionally. To get rid of dirt or spills, do a quick mop. Occasionally, re-sanding and refinishing of the floor may be required to make it look brand new again.

Solid wood flooring can also be used for planter boxes and other garden elements. Hardwood is resistant to the natural elements and a treatment ensures that it will not become infected by termites. The natural wood flooring makes any space feel clean and healthy. Wood flooring will also not attract dust mites or fill your home with chemical emissions. Solid wood flooring is a great option that can really enhance the look and health of you home and family.

If you are considering solid wood flooring for your, a qualified flooring contractor can help you to get the installation done quickly. Click here to request you free quotes for flooring services today!

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