What is a Structural Renovation?

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If changing the paint of the house and the carpets are called a cosmetic renovation, structural renovation is much deeper and requires a more significant transformation. Basically, structural renovation involves alteration from moving walls to changing the whole floor plan of the house. As it is named, the house structure is changed in order to make a more comfortable shelter for the family.

Why is it necessary to go for a structural renovation?

Generally, homeowners prefer a structural renovation because they want to make some changes to their old-fashioned properties. Many of them especially those who lived during the 40’s and 80’s have built their houses in an odd-shape style, which may appear outdated in today’s modern world. On the other hand, some other houses are built illogically when it comes to the layout. While it is true that structural renovation can be expensive, nothing can beat giving another year to the overall lifespan of the house and in providing and ensuring a livable house for your family.

Acquiring funds in starting a Structural Renovation Project

You have to remember that structural renovation will require a lot of money in order to complete the project. If ever you are financially constrained but still want to pursue the plan, your fate may fall in securing a loan from financial institutions like banks. But before actually deciding on the amount of the loan, you need to estimate the total cost that the renovation is likely to spend.

Taking a step toward structural renovation necessitates careful planning and deliberation. You need to consider budget allotment while coming up with your preferred design and style along with the things that you want to change in your property. But it would be a lot easier if the engineer or architect will bring out the floor plan and will evaluate the integrity of the structure as part of their job. Before starting the renovation plan, everything must be settled in order to avoid any property damage or financial loss.

Here are the Do’s when undergoing a structural renovation

  • Begin with the appropriate property

Investing in this expensive project should be well thought off. You must begin with the area that matters most such as the street frontage, the slope, layout and the like.

  • Make use of an effective layout

Adding some changes in the house such as in the number of bedrooms can valuably make a significant transformation in the building. With that, you will need to have a tried and tested layout for the structure to serve its purpose. Once the layout is disjointed, the whole structure may look unusual and totally devastated. The layout should work accordingly with your plan and match the theme of the house. Those areas like the bathroom; bedrooms and the others must be centrally located in a position where everyone would see. On the other hand, the kitchen and the dining area must be placed in the rear part of the house.

All ways have an Emergency Plumber on standby when working with plumbing.

These simple thoughts about structural renovation can help you win the project and make the most of your investment. You just have to make things right. 


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