What is a decorative painting?


What is a Decorative Painter?

The decorative painter belongs to the decoration field (interior design, set design for the show or renovation works). The painter conducts painting of decorative effects designed to transform a building or movable objects, based on order. Its action stands in an artistic and creative approach that requires a mastery of various techniques:

He performs glaze, moldings (to produce frames), pouncil patterns, stencils, borders, patina (to mimic the natural aging of materials),

He knows how to realise a panoramic involving nature or characters, reproduces color harmonies, metallic effects, wood, marble, stone, bricks, paint and architectural decors with various decorative effects (trompe l'oeil, crumpled effect, cloud ...)


The first phase of his work is to prepare a support which includes preparatory work, work primers (protective treatments, refilling) and undercoat (solid surface paint according imitation chosen),

The second phase of implementation, includes several steps: establishing paths, graphic development and general appearance of the paint layer with mediums and pigments,

The third part is the execution of the decor itself by various methods of application (such as "crystallisation" for example in the case of imitation marble, the "re-icing" in the case of imitation wood) and protection against decor various pollutants, weather.


About Pierre 

Pierre lives and works in the heart of the conservative district of Tiong bahru since 5 years. It's in this unique and creative environment that the discret atelier present its new creations specially crafted for design and decors.

Pierre was graduated in decorative painting by the Masters of the profession at the "Atelier des Peintres en decors" in Paris. Sharing his passion for living matters Pierre associates together traditional techniques of imitation with a solid knowledge on matters and their historical use. This is a priceless source of advises to create coherent and realistic historical and environment.

Atelier Faux Finish is a sole proprietorship workshop established in Singapore in 2013 and acting all over asia for homes, theatre, retail shops and offices. 


What Are The Applications of Decorative Painting

Creativity with no limits. Very useful tool for creative designers who want to design unique environments that doesn't exist anywhere else, you can create marquetry of woods and marbles, assemble together multiples variety of matters in any kind of colours and graphisms,

For Interiors, it has the ability to enhance a space by "extending" it visually and also adding a focal feature or theme,

Can complete an existing decor by imitating it where the real matter cannot access like on real moulding or baseboard

Reduce costs of decors by replacing real matters and lamina by paintings that looks real, that are washable, time resistant and easily exchangeable.


Customers commitments

Upon specifications, a project is materialised with a sample that will decide the finals graphisms and colors. This is how Pierre realises woods for Urban Habitat, Panormics for Aprim Design or marbles and stones for the Wildlife Reserve of Singapore . Atelier Faux Finish aims to work with creative designers who can conceptualise the infinite possibilities of a taylor made painting. 


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