What Does a Handyman Cost?

If you are not sure on what the charges are for a handyman, don't worry you're not the only one. Doing online searches will only confuse you even more, because most of the hourly rates given on forums are by homeowners which don't really know the going rates. These people may be using a handyman that lives in their HDB block and he only does repairs on the side, so his charges will be very low. To help you with the costs and what budget to enter when you request quotes on kluje.com, we have put together this guide.

Let's start with the rates.

Most handyman prices are "case by case basis", this is because a lot will depend on what needs to be done and if there is any materials needed to complete the job. So the rates will either be a fixed book rate or hourly rate.

Minimum hourly Charges

You should expect a minimum service fee of $50-$80 (inclusive of Transport Fee) per trip and for the first hour. This charge will be for a cheap handyman. Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for" before you consider a cheap handyman.

For a quality handyman you will be looking at $100-$150 per hourly rate. If you live in the CBD, Sentosa Island & Tuas Area you can expect a hourly rate of $150 (for labour and tools only). Some handyman service will charge the full hourly rate for the first hour and a reduced rate thereafter.

Emergency Services

To have a handyman called out for a emergency repair you can expect to pay a premium charge. So expect to pay a minimum fee of $150 (inclusive of Transport Fee) per trip (per hour).

Materials and Parts

Any materials and parts used or purchased for the job will be added to the hourly rates and should be charged at 'Market Rate'. So for example, your handyman takes 2 hours to complete the job and the materials cost is $80, you can expect to pay around $280 for the completed job.

It is very important to make sure that you have got a quote for the total hourly rates before any work starts. Also ensure that the materials needed for the job is included in the quote. A good handyman services will make sure you are aware of the total cost upfront.

Fixed book rates.

Fixed book rates are jobs that have a fixed price to them. The below $50 start price is a minimum price, transport and material cost are not included.  They are also just a guide and should only be used as a guide and not an actual price. Your handyman will most likely be able to quote a price on these jobs without having to view the job.

Here are some of the jobs a handyman does and the minimum cost will start from $50 onwards.

•             Hanging pictures and drilling

•             Re fill & plaster holes left by former pictures' nails

•             Installing wall hangings ,kitchen and toilets accessories

•             Installation of Blinds , Curtains tracks

•             Installation and hanging of  Plasma T V bracket

•             Dismantle and removal of existing cabinets

•             Minor on- site carpentry modifications or moving and installation of cabinets

•             Assembly of flat pack furniture

•             Cutting or drilling holes in existing Cabinets or tables for wires

•             Resealing kitchen sink edge with silicon, remount sink with brackets or supports

•             Drilling or fastening  to stabilise bed

•             Minor furniture repair

•             Resealing bathroom shower or basin with silicon

•             Repairing or changing of HDB rubbish chute 

•             Minor repairs or replacement of plumbing pipe work

•             Replacing light fittings and switches

•             Installing a ceiling fan

Working out a budget

There are a few things to consider when working out a budget. The first is to try work out how long you think they may take to do a job. If you are planning on having more than one job done by a handyman, add the time taken for each job and that will give you an idea on the labour cost using the hourly rates.

Now consider what they are replacing or repairing and try work out the materials costs. Add the labour cost to the material costs and you will have a rough idea on the budget you need for the job. One important thing to remember is don't add to many jobs to the list. Rather split the jobs up, because you may need a more specialised contractor like a plumber or electrician. Handymen mostly do the smaller and less specialised jobs.

Now that you have a budget, why not request quotes from our handyman on the kluje.com platform.

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