Ways to a Successful House Demolition


There can be many reasons why houses are demolished. These are usually known as “knock downs” and for some reason are not profitable enough. The current property might be positioned poorly or designed in a way which is not satisfactory and is for some reason not economical to repair and remodel it. The fate of such properties is sealed by giving them away open for house demolitions. It might make sense in such cases to have such properties demolished so that you can build your home exactly the way you want it. Let us discuss a little bit about house demolition and how to go about it.

Steps for House Demolition

Here Are Some Steps You Can Follow If You Need To opt For House Demolition:

  1. Obtain pre-approval of finance: Whether you are demolishing your old house or buying a property to demolish it getting a finance pre-approval is beneficial. This makes you be aware of the amount of money you can borrow as a loan and spend on the house demolition project.

  2. Select a builder: Before demolishing a house, you should select the builder who is going to build the new construction. The builder can provide valuable inputs on the house demolition project and help you pinpoint challenges or suggest innovative ways to execute the work.

  3. Go to the site: You and your builder should visit the site together and inspect the house you want to demolish. If you want to retain any of the features of the old property, your builder can give you advice as to whether it is possible and what is the process.

  4. Get valuable quotes: Next it is crucial to get the quote of the costs involved in the upcoming house demolition process.

  5. Get Shire and Planning Approval: After the builder’s quote is obtained, the next step is to comply with planning and development guidelines.

  6. Get ready for house demolition: If you have met all the planning and development requirements and have received the demolition license then you can get prepared about the demolition. Once you get this license, you can start salvaging items you want to keep.

  7. Tear down the existing house: An excavator tears down and demolishes the house, which usually takes about three to four days, depending on the cost estimations received for the house demolition task.

  8. Build you new house: Now that you have successfully done a house demolition, you can start building your new place.

Lowering the Cost of House Demolition

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House demolition can be quite expensive, but there are ways to bring the cost down. Here are a few pointers:

a) Self Help is the Best Help: The fewer number of demolitions professional you need to hire, the lower your cost of house demolition.

b) Get Some Backup: If need be, fall back on your circle of friends to help you with the house demolition.

c) Give away your house: You can donate your house to the fire department that will come and burn it down, and you will get a tax write off for the property. That is quite a great way of doing house demolition.

d) Reuse Materials: A lot of materials from your old home may come in use in building your new house. So, you can surely engage them into your building plan.

House demolition experts can provide a lot of support to you. Based on the size of the property, condition and structure one can make a cost-effective demolition project. Using this guide, you can develop a fair idea and a clear picture of what lies ahead.

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