​Creative Ways to Use Clear Acrylic Furniture to Update Your Living Room

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It’s Clear: Acrylic Furniture is the New Look in Living Room Décor

Clear acrylic furniture is a smart and modern choice for updating your living room. It’s low-maintenance, durable, and available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. The best part of decorating with acrylic furniture is its adaptability. Despite its modern appearance, clear acrylic furniture has a way of blending into the room. 

Whether you’re aiming for subtlety or a statement piece, the key to decorating with acrylic is blending it with contrasting styles and shapes.

For example, an acrylic pedestal table fits a shabby chic space like an old lace glove. A pair of sleek acrylic end tables are right at home in a cozy space with an overstuffed sofa and a fuzzy rug. A clear acrylic coffee table balances the bold look of black furniture and white flooring. 

Give your furniture the power of invisibility with clear acrylic. Because your line of vision travels through transparent acrylic furniture, it’s the solution for those spaces that demand inconspicuous furniture.  It’s appropriate in all design spaces, including Spanish colonial, retro, urban, farmhouse, Victorian, Art Nouveau and so on. 

Let’s discuss all the creative ways clear acrylic can be used in your living room…. 

  1. Un-crowd a small space 

You can use transparent acrylic to visually open up spaces in your home where you need a piece of practical furniture but don’t want to crowd the room. Clear acrylic furniture doesn’t increase visual heaviness or clutter, so it’s ideal for small, busy, or dark spaces. A see-through item gives the impression of spaciousness and light to those tight spaces. 

  1. Add airiness to a soft pallet 

Because it’s already light and airy, acrylic furniture enhances bright or simple spaces that are decorated in muted or soft colors. Acrylic brings an ethereal feel to a dainty design. It is both graceful and whimsical when paired with the round lines in a feminine space. 

For example, use the simple lines and sleek surfaces of acrylic furniture to balance the organic textures and colors in a beachy room. By including a clear acrylic chair in your minimalist space, you gain a clean look and much-needed seating without adding clutter.  

  1. Design an inconspicuous home office 

If you need to incorporate a study area or work-from-home space into your living room but don’t want to interrupt your decor with bulky office furniture, what better way to camouflage your workspace than with clear acrylic? The smooth, clear lines of an acrylic home office disappear into your living room décor. As a bonus: you can flex your superhero skills in an invisible workspace worthy of Wonder Woman.

  1. Accentuate statement pieces 

Because it’s transparent, clear acrylic furniture won’t draw attention away from your favorite statement pieces. Whether your statement piece is a spectacular chandelier, a funky sofa, a piece of art or Seinfeld’s iconic bike, clear acrylic allows you the freedom to bring in an inconspicuous piece like a coffee table or shelves. 

Along the same lines, clear acrylic tables, chairs and shelves offer a way for you to feature decor that would otherwise disappear on traditional furniture. For example, you can tuck those adorable fuzzy poofs or hand-crafted baskets under your acrylic coffee table where they can be admired and out of the way. Your gorgeous blue hydrangeas will stand out when you place them in a clear vase on your clear acrylic pedestal table. Give your favorite book a place of honor on a clear acrylic shelf. Show off an antique quilt by draping it over an acrylic chair.

  1. Exhibit art

The best use of acrylic furniture to accentuate artwork is to exhibit it on an acrylic display. Acrylic pedestal and column displays––like these––are available in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes. You can choose a covered display to protect your heirlooms from fingerprints, dust and accidents or add lighting to your most precious items. 

For example, you could spotlight your grandmother’s leaded crystal on an acrylic cube stand. Protect and display your sports memorabilia on a covered stand. Highlight the flowers in your bridal bouquet with a lighted display stand. 

In addition to display stands, you have many options in acrylic display boxes and cabinets. 

Clear acrylic display boxes that double as furniture are a great way to display artwork or collections. A lidded cube can be used as a side table that houses your shell and driftwood collection. Or go larger and use an acrylic storage cube as a coffee table featuring your impressive Star Wars collection.


Whether you need a way to display your baseball collection or a place to put your feet up—or both—clear acrylic furniture is a versatile living room update that will coordinate with any look. 

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Ray Ko has been creating effective visual merchandising and interior design strategies for retailers for more than 20 years. Today, he is the senior eCommerce manager for shopPOPdisplays, a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom acrylic products. 

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