Upgrading Your Home's Exterior


The exterior of your home can be easily enhanced through approaches that will not only boost curb appeal but will maximize your investment. There is no shortage of input from do-it-yourself television programs, design software, design magazines and design specialists, all of which can certainly help any homeowner elevate and upgrade the look of their home.

Investment Value and Upgrades

Most homeowners want to invest in the value of their homes for potential or future sales possibilities, plus they want to enjoy their investment through luxurious and comforting upgrades that are architecturally pleasing and appealing, not only to them but others. They want a look that is lasting and above and beyond normal, everyday improvements. Attracting others in the market to buy or invest is something that homeowners want to achieve.

If you want to upgrade the outside of your home simply for additional living and entertainment space, of if you want to enhance certain areas to make them aesthetically pleasing, whether for your own satisfaction, or as a future investment or selling point, there are ways to achieve it through a few transformative design ideas that include:

Well Defined Spaces

Whether you want a luxury exterior patio with an adjacent pool and lounging area that includes an adjoining outdoor kitchen, eating space and gaming and play area, it can be achieved by specifically setting aside enough square footage in a backyard to accommodate it all.

Areas can be easily defined and separated simply through the way outdoor furniture and other fixtures are situated and arranged. Entertainment and lounging areas can be anchored with indoor outdoor rugs as well as landscaping features like plants, flowers, large urn planters, architectural pieces and decorative stones that can be positioned and placed to allow for foot traffic to move smoothly from one area to another.

Think about arranging any exterior living area like you would an indoor living space and while you are at it, choose a design style that fits your taste but is eclectic and wide ranging enough in design to pique the interest of guests and others.


First impressions can be easily garnered through dressing up the outside front entrance to your home. Apply a fresh coat of eye catching paint to your front door.

There are a number of colors that can make your door come to life without going overboard, but black, red, green or rich polished wood can be utilized on an entry door to add a touch of elegance to an entryway. Also, add new door hardware and maybe even include a new mailbox with metal numbers to match the door fixtures.

If there is sufficient room at a front door entrance, add planters on either side of the door in attractive styles as well as lighting fixtures above and to the side of the door to bring a touch of elegance and security to the front entrance. The entry area itself can updated with a concrete finish, new step tiles or re-staining with any wood features that might be involved.

Walkways and Driveways

Upgraded walkways and driveways are other areas that can be improved to enhance the outside look of your home, and there are easy solutions to revamp them. You want to cut back any kind of plantings or anything else that obscures the view of a front entry. Clear out and prune overgrown hedges, and do the same with trees and bushes that need taming. Add other ground cover, filler plants and flowering plants where bare spaces occur. Create a pathway to the front door with new and improved concrete looks, or use brick and even cobblestone. Line the pathway with other greenery to create an even greater curb appeal and wow factor.

A walkway can be further enhanced with a circular or specially designed driveway that is attractive yet spacious enough to make driving, parking and garage access easy and efficient. Brick, cobblestone, painted concrete, asphalt and asphalt pavers can be utilized with landscape features sandwiched in-between, such as river rock, larger stones and rocks, grass and a mix of trees and plants.

While you're upgrading that driveway area, think about parking your Lexus or another attractive vehicle in the driveway, as it just might help make a future sale with all the other added features you've made to your entry and walkway areas. If you want to create a favorable impression, added luscious landscaping and a vehicle can to do it.

There are numerous ways to elevate and upgrade the outside look of your home in an elegant yet workable fashion, and with the hundreds of ideas available to homeowners today, with access to both do-it-yourself and seasoned professionals, there is no end to what can be done to transform the look of an exterior area. Enjoying a living space is a good and comforting thing, and realizing its potential and future value is even more reassuring.

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