Tricks to Deep Cleaning After Your House Remodel



Renovating all or part of your home is an exciting time, and months of preparation for the remodeling can leave you anticipating the moment the last nail is hammered down. Regardless, before you can have a party to show off the renovations to all your friends, family and neighbors, you will need to clean up all of the old construction materials, the dust and the debris. From the HVAC ductwork to finding a quality upholstery cleaner for your stored furniture, a deep cleaning truly is the final step of a house remodel.

More than wiping down hard surfaces

In common home cleaning, dusting is an easy job that produces positive results quickly. However, after construction, removing particles from walls, ceilings and floors must avoid using waters or oils. In these cases, dry dusting is the preferred method, and high-powered vacuums should be used. In addition, wiping off countertops and tiled surfaces needs to be done carefully in order not to leave behind any streaking from drywall dust.

Focusing on high-powered vacuuming for furniture

Most partial remodels are done without moving all of the furniture out of the house. In these situations, it is important to keep upholstered furniture covered in the immediate area where the remodeling is being done. Sadly, many homeowners forget about the curtains, pillows and other fabrics in the rest of the home. Since fine particles of dust can easily travel, they are likely to be found anywhere it can settle. By using high-powered vacuums, a deep cleaning company will help you avoid the itchiness associated with drywall dust impregnated on fabric-covered furniture.

Making the air cleaner

If the air is not cleaned while the walls, furniture, ceilings and floors are being dusted, the homeowner will need the exact same service in the near future. Alternatively, when a full dusting is done, it means that the air is also cleaned. By using state-of-the-art portable air filters, you can ensure your air is cleaner and particle free in just a few days. One other area of defense is using high-powered vacuums to clear construction debris from vents, HVAC and ductwork systems.

No stone unturned dusting

For some homeowners, the remodeling they have on their home turns into a temporary zone of chaos, and everything in every room is covered in dust. Before you start throwing away smaller items due to the caked-on drywall dust, consider hiring a company with a specialty in deep dusting fine objects. This kind of thorough dusting by hand can include electrical items like light fixtures, ceiling fan blades, and small appliances. However, more intensive work that requires special handling may need to be done with small-scale vacuums and magnifiers for items such as collector’s items, antiques, decorative items and heirlooms.

Removing caked-on construction gunk

After a remodel, there can be unexpected clumps of construction materials in the strangest of places. While there are always limitations, many hardened plasters, cements and silicone adhesives can be removed easily. Along with using elbow grease, there are a large number of adhesive-removal solutions on the market that take a bit of expertise.

Cleaning can seem like the worst part of a remodel, but it feels really good when it’s done. Just start one task at a time and you’ll be done before you know it. Starting is the hardest part, so set up a few rewards to reward yourself after you finish a task before diving into the next item on your list. This will make it much more enjoyable, and you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing so much. Then, you can relax and fully enjoy your new remodel.

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