Transitional Rooms: 8 Ways To Transition Seamlessly From Inside To Outside 

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A common theme in many stunning homes for sale is the ability to transition an indoor living area smoothly and effortlessly into an outdoor space. Being able to transition a traditional indoor living space into an outdoor area with ease can make your home feel bigger and lighter, and can open up your home in a unique way. Many luxury homes have upscale dining areas that, with a swift push of a glass wall, can become an outdoor, poolside entertaining area. Whether you want to sit outside and enjoy the sounds and smells of a summer rain storm from your living room, or you want to open up your living space to enjoy the sun and breeze in the spring, there are many ways to make the rooms in your home multi-functional, and create a seamless transition from inside to out.


Focus On The Flow

A stunning front door made of glass makes a dramatic first impression on its own, but when you have the back wall adjacent to the front door also made of glass, you create a smooth flow throughout the room and allow natural light to flood the room. Using the same flooring materials inside and outside creates an effortless transition from the front of the house to the back


Use Pocket Windows

Get creative with how you use the windows in your home. Consider putting a corner window in a room with the best view, so the corner of the room does not obstruct your view. Stepping away from the traditional “four walls with a window in the middle” floor plan and using more windows and glass to create panoramic views is a creative way to maximize the view of the outside from the inside.


Create A Private Outdoor Space

A master suite with a private, outdoor space is a tranquil and peaceful way to connect with the outdoors. If you are planning a remodel of your master bedroom, consider adding a few extra feet of outdoor living space with a private door from the bedroom. This makes it easy to open up the door on a nice day and let the breeze flow through your room. A private patio can be as simple as a few patio chairs and some flowers, to a custom Zen garden, complete with trickling waterfalls to not only add a peaceful sound to your space but also to mask sounds from nearby neighbors and traffic.


Get Brave With Your Bath

Adding a glass wall to the back of your shower may seem like a risky move, but creating an outdoor garden space up against the back of your bathroom is a unique way to connect with nature at the beginning or end of your day. Planting bamboo for privacy allows you to shower in peace while making you feel closer to the outdoors at the same time. 



Open Up The Living Room

A ground floor living room can easily be transformed into an outdoor entertaining space with the addition of a few transitional or removable doors. Doors that can be pulled away open up the space to the outdoors, and can be an easy way to get a breath of fresh air. Opening up space in this way can entice the family to get outside more and leave their electronics behind.


Floor To Ceiling Glass

A very popular trend in stunning houses for sale on the luxury market is floor to ceiling glass. Most of the time, multi-million-dollar mansions on the beach and high rise condos have the entire back wall of the home made of sliding glass doors, which create breathtaking views and offer flexibility regarding just how open you want the room to me. For parties and gatherings, open up the entire space to create a bigger social area, or block off certain parts to adapt to changes in the weather or provide noise control. This modern trend is a high-impact change that can completely transform the look and feel of your home.


Have The Outside Mirror The Inside

A popular trend in modern architecture is having the outdoor space mirror the shape of your indoor space. A wrap around patio that follows the lines and shapes of the indoor space instantly creates more room. Adding large windows and sliding glass doors makes it easy to transition from inside to out, and makes the entire space feel more connected.


Bringing The Outdoors In

An outdoor balcony, deck or patio is a great way to connect with nature, as long as nature cooperates. A quick rain shower can be enjoyed from the comfort of your outdoor patio with a simple addition of a retractable roof and a few sliding panels on the sides to keep the rain out. Mixing indoor and outdoor materials can balance out this indoor/outdoor patio design


Studies have shown that people who spend time outdoors are happier, healthier and more productive than those who spend a majority of their time inside. Creating places in your home that are both inside and outside at the same time is not only aesthetically pleasing but also create a peaceful place to come home to.

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