Traits to look out in an organization while hunting for a job


You may have registered with top job portals of your country or area and you also may be getting frequent job offers. Your inbox is full of job offers but getting job offers is one thing and deciding on what job is right for you is totally another thing. Wouldn’t it be great to analyze the company job position and various other factors before applying or even joining a job? Why not consider asking questions that would raise red flags about potential bad fit?  Identifying the answers of right questions before applying for a job ensures a smart, professional and career strategic move. Here are few things that you have to evaluate about the company while hunting for your type of job.


Distance from your home:

Once your favourite job offers are on the table, you will need to ask a few questions to yourself, Is the job location is accessible for you or not?   What is the distance of the job location from your residence? Would it be possible for you to cover the distance from your home and be on time in the office every day? Would your budget allow you to travel a long distance from your home? You need to check if you need to relocate to take up the new assignment and is relocating a good option? Weight the raise and other perks associated with the job offer since it will help you in deciding whether it’s worth taking a chance. All these questions will make a clear image about your future expenses linked to the prospective job. Ensure that travelling to your job location will not waste your time and money. A job near your home or residence is always better and gives you a chance to grow fast in your career or profession. A too much distant job location from home makes a person tired, stressed and overwhelmed.  


Profits posted by the organization in the past five years:

To have a better idea of your future growth see the profits posted by the organization in the past five years. If an organization is continuously improving over the past five years in terms of profits, it means the organization is competitive and doing well financially. Increasing organization profits are proof of an organization and its employees’ growth. Organizations with bigger profits are always better because they have can easily put the resources to their employee's career development. Consider choosing an organization with higher profit ratios. If you are capable and hardworking, these organizations can take your career to a new peak. 

Count on the organization’s reputation:

It is very important to count on an organization’s reputation. Find out if the company you have chosen to apply for a job has a good reputation or not? Find out if an organization is a good player in the industry or has just started establishing its identity in the market.  Work with the organization that will add up value to your profile. Do not choose an organization with shoddy work practices. Make sure you know the basic business model of the organization.  Ensure that the organization will be in existence everlastingly and will not fade away in a few years. Reputed organizations always have a professional looking website and its employee’s reviews on job review websites. Do not forget to check employees and customer’s reviews before applying.    


Growth opportunities available in the organization:

Having growth opportunities within the organization is very important for more than obvious reasons. Employees see their future within the company.  It is important for organizations to provide career path and growth to their employees. Find out what are the career growth opportunities within the organization. Be with the organization that trains their employees to be multidimensional. Choose an organization that continuously adds up new skills and knowledge to their employees and makes an effort to diversify their employee’s skills so that they can grow with the company. 

Evaluate the benefits that you could get joining the organization:

Choose an organization that offers its employees perks like health benefits, provident fund, retirement and spending plans. If an organization is not offering you any perks that means the organization is small and not doing well financially. Make sure that the organization is taking care of all employees. It is providing you a friendly secure and hygienic working environment, taking care of your health from hazardous environment conditions. Also, ensure that the organization has a motivated working environment and good co-workers and result oriented teams.


Training and mentoring programs available in the organization:

The most important thing is to consider that the chosen organization has training and mentoring programs for their employees. Technology and skills become obsolete with time if existing skills are not polished and new skills are not developed. It is very important for organizations keep updated their employees with new skills and technology. Organizations must have training and mentoring sessions for their old employees so that they can grow with the organization and be updated on technology and trends.


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