Traditional Meets Modern: Perfect Balance For Home Style

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Traditional furniture and decor have a timeless and classic aesthetic appeal that speaks to both younger and older generations. It can be incorporated in almost any setting and it always instantly elevates the ambiance to new heights. However, traditional furniture coupled with the traditional wall, window, and room design simply doesn’t have a strong fan base in the modern world.

This is because the modern world begs for variety, fun and freedom. A purely traditional home might seem overly crowded, dark, and restrained. However, by incorporating some small contemporary changes into your design to increase your home’s value you can create a modern home reminiscent of past, more elegant times. Here is how you can easily lift up your home style by combining traditional with trendy.

One style needs to dominate

You might feel the need to bring balance in the room by equally clothing it in traditional and trendy design, but such a mindset will only create confusion. A room, whether it’s the kitchen or the bedroom, needs to tell a story, and it needs to speak to the heart and mind of the visitor.

If you try to balance out the traditional and contemporary elements, you won’t be able to create a story at all, let alone evoke any emotion except distaste. Therefore, you want one of the styles to dominate the room, and then sprinkle in the other style to complement and complete the ambiance. Choose decorations and accessories for the secondary style, and let your primary choice enjoy the rest of the room.

A mix of different eras

The beautiful thing about a project like this is that you’re able to let your creativity blossom, so don’t constrain yourself to single-era pieces thinking that introducing contrasting elements will disrupt the overall design. On the contrary, decor pieces ranging from a variety of eras work wonderfully together in bringing your home to live and introducing a unique personality and flair.

Quality furniture is essential

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When it comes to elevating your home’s style and appeal, quality furniture is of the utmost importance. Combining the traditional look with a more modern approach works much like creating focal points around the house. There needs to be a dominant piece, surrounded by contrasting and similar elements.

For instance, an elegant leather bed frame works wonderfully with comfy pillows scattered across the mattress, but it comes to life even more when complemented by a modern nightstand aimed at challenging the predominantly traditional setting.

You can also flip the design, and opt for a predominantly modern kitchen with contemporary appliances but complemented with traditional accessories and elements such as kitchenware, seating and tables.

Throw a rug into the mix

Flooring is another crucial element that will greatly influence the aesthetics and value of your home. No matter if your living room boasts a light wooden floor, or you have a beautiful marble finish in the kitchen, you always want to add an element that will bring out the comfy feeling and introduce some much-needed color and texture to the room. Like a beautiful area rug.

Area rugs are excellent for adding variety into the mix, and you can choose anything from oriental to modern pieces depending on your needs, predominant room style, and personal taste. Geometric prints are also great choices.

Complement, don’t match

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Finally, one of the foundations of the new traditional style lies in complementing rather than matching textures. This means that you want to break your matching sets apart and combine them with complementary elements in order create a lively, fun, and personalized setting.

Remember, a room looking like something straight off the showroom floor will seem overdone and devoid of personality. You want to use color, texture, and function to bring seemingly opposing elements together into a cohesive, beautiful whole.

The new traditional interior design approach aims to elevate the style of your home to new heights, increase its worth, and create a sense of harmony and positivity. Be sure to use these essential design tips and you will create the home of your dreams in no time.

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