Top 6 Home Improvements for 2020


There are not a lot of ways to increase the resale value or the overall lifestyle quality of your home without undertaking a home improvement project. However, not all of these projects make as big of a difference or make as much of an impact. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top six home improvement trends that are expected to be quite impactful in 2020. Implementing some or all of them can, indeed, make a huge difference within your household. Let’s check them out.

  1. Low-flow bathroom

The first thing you need to understand about home improvement trends in 2020 is the fact that they’re all about sustainability. This is especially true in your bathroom. What this means is that you might want to start by replacing all your light fixtures (both ambiance and task) with LED alternatives. As far as the water-fixtures go, you can make some improvements to your showerhead, faucet and your toilet. By replacing all three of these fixtures with low-flow alternatives, what you get is a major water saving. For instance, traditional toilets can waste up to 2.7 gallons per flush, while a low-flow one gets the same efficiency with as little as 1.3 gallons. 

  1. Energy-efficiency

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that, when designing your home in 2020, you need to put maximum emphasis on the energy-efficiency of the place. What this means is that you need to make an investment in the insulation but also replace major weak spots within your household. For instance, replacing all your windows with double-glazing ones is something that you can do in order to boost the energy-efficiency of the place. This way, you get to save between $200 and $250 on the heating of the place.

  1. Use natural light

One of the projects that a lot of people neglect is the importance of small improvements which are known to boost the use of natural light. Other than this, you need to keep in mind that the use of natural light is a double-edged blade. First of all, the size of your windows isn’t something that you can affect without a lengthy and expensive project. Second, installing skylights is quite expensive (especially if you intend to do flashing around them), as well. On the other hand, installing a couple of mirrors around the place really isn’t that hard or expensive. Also, enhancing the natural light shouldn’t be your only concern. This is why reaching out to experts from Shade Solutions QLD and looking for some quality blinds might be a great idea.

  1. Backyard patio

One of the most cost-effective ways to give your household a major boost in value is to do some work in the backyard. Off the top of the head, organizing a backyard seating area, a desk, some seating and some shade are all that you need in order to make the place into an alternative living room. The patio itself can have a wooden deck as the surface or it can have some pebbles gravel beneath your feet. It all depends on your budget, available space and your own personal preference.

  1. Crown molding the place

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to add a hint of luxury to the place, without having to organize the place in any other way is to crown mold it. This is a simple task that can make a regular painting of the room a tad more interesting but the end results infinitely more enticing. Aside from this, there are several more expensive and more interesting options that you could also explore. For instance, you can go for molding with lights instead, which is a major boost worth considering.

  1. Wood ceiling

One last thing you can do in order to give your home a visual boost in 2020 is to opt for a wooden ceiling. This is something that can add a whole new dimension to your home and make the place substantially more rustic-looking. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that since it’s an integral part of your home, the timber used to cover the ceiling needs to be untreated. Also, there are many different variations and alterations that you need to opt for.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to understand is the fact that home improvement isn’t something that you should take lightly. Even the smallest of improvements usually require a sizable investment and some of these trends might not be there to stay. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and pick only those trends that have a subjective appeal to you and for your enterprise. Other than this, you need to understand that there are some home improvement trends that might take a while to pay off. In the end, nonetheless, the ROI is always overwhelmingly positive.

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