Top 5 Home Renovation Projects To Take On This Summer


Summer is perfect for home renovation so if you’re looking to do something, the best time to start is now. The only issue would be that a lot of handymen are busy so you might have to wait a bit longer until you find the one who’ll be able to come immediately. Still, if you feel crafty enough, there are things you can do on your own, too. 

Remodel your front door

The state of your front door can be a big insight into the state of your interiors as well. So if you’re looking to make a better impression, start with your front door. Remodeling your front door can increase the value of your home and also save you a lot on heating bills. Make sure that your door is functional and improves energy efficiency. Another good thing is that replacing the door can be done quickly and it won’t cost you that much. In case your front door is in good shape, consider changing the color as it can give your home a whole new look. If you feel like experimenting, choose a completely contrasting or bright color. That will infuse some personality to your home and attract a lot of attention.

Improve the bathroom

Summer is the right time to take care of your bathroom issues. Whether you need to replace your bathtub, toilet seat, install a countertop or fix anything, doing it during the summer will definitely help speed up the installation process. Also, if you’re considering redoing the toilet, remember that it needs to be placed properly so it won’t derail the overall bathroom layout. If you can’t do anything drastic, at least install a separate water closet in the bathroom so your toilet will be kept out of sight. Just remember to talk to relatives, friends, and neighbors and ask them for permission to use their place to shower. Additionally, you can install a plastic portable toilet in your backyard or garden so you won’t have to worry. So, investing some time and resources to fix your bathroom will definitely make your home look prettier and more well-kept.

Renovate the kitchen

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, not only making and eating food but also looking for some peace and quiet especially if the living room is already occupied. Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect time to leave home for a few days and take a well-deserved vacation. Renovating the space you live in is something that Australians love to do since they also prefer to own their homes, so obviously, they also spend time renovating them. Finding a service for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Sydney is easy and the prices are competitive. So, don’t hesitate to give your kitchen the love it deserves. Whether you’re going to change the installations, get a kitchen island or simply declutter, make sure to do it during the summer as it’s more convenient.

Roof repairs

Winter and cold weather can do a lot of harm and damage to the roof. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and hail can cause leaky roofs and other damages. That’s why repairing the roof during the summer is the best practice since everything is dry and there are minimal chances of slipping and skies are clear which also gives much better visibility necessary for fixing the roof. Also, redoing your roof during the summer can prevent further damages in the upcoming autumn and winter months. There are a lot of DIY roof repair options, so if you consider yourself a bit of a handyman, feel free to go up to the roof and do some fixes by yourself. But of course, the safest and quickest option is to call a professional service so you won’t have to worry. 

Take care of your basement

The basement is usually treated as an afterthought and used for dumping all the unnecessary stuff. Plus, if you decide to add some extra space, remodeling the basement can help you achieve that. Also, increasing the number of rooms in your home can offer a drastic return on investment. Soundproofing can also be helpful if you’re planning to turn the basement into a music or photography studio.

So, remodeling your home in summer is great because of the weather conditions and competitive prices. If you’re planning to renovate, summer is the perfect time to start.

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