Top 10 painting tips: what you need to know


Painting can be a messy job so follow our top tips to maximise your effectiveness while minimising the mess!


  1. Paint will be easier to apply with better coverage if you stand the tin of paint in a bowl of warm water for half an hour before use.

  2. It is always better to dampen a brush before use to give a more even application. When using latex paints the brushes should be dampened with water whereas oil based paints you should use paint thinner.

  3. Wash new roller covers before you use them it gets rid of the fuzz that inevitably comes off once you start painting. Use water and some washing up liquid. Once rinsed you can start painting, you don't need to let them dry.

  4. If you cannot finish a painting job in one day then don't bother washing your brushes. Instead wrap them in cling film or a plastic bag and store them in a cool place. Paint trays can be placed in a bag and sealed. They will be ready to use the next morning.

  5. When you have finished using a tin of paint, put a little Vaseline around the lip of the lid. This will make it easier to remove the next time it is used.

  6. When you want to store your paint make sure the lid is tight on and turn it upside down for a few seconds before turning it upright. This will give an airtight seal and reduce the skin that is usually on the surface when opening the pot again.

  7. You have to start with a perfectly smooth surface. Lightly sand the walls from the baseboard to the ceiling with fine grit sanding paper on a sanding pole. Then sand horizontally along the baseboard and ceiling.

  8. Use the blue painter's tape instead of masking tape. Masking tape can leave behind a sticky residue that's hard to clean off. Plus paint can cause the tape to buckle or get wavy, which lets paint run underneath it.  Apply tape over the wood, then run a putty knife over the top to press down the tape for a good seal.It’s better to remove the tape sooner rather than later to prevent chipping.

  9. Load the bottom 1 1/2 inches of your brush with paint, tap each side against the inside of your container to knock off the heavy drips, and then start painting. Don't wipe the paint off the brush. Take a "load and go". This is a one of the best painting tips.

  10. Use the “W” or zigzag method to get a smooth, even finish.

The final painting tips is to always finish one wall before starting another. That way if you are too lazy to continue than at least one wall looks finished! 



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