Tips to Remember When Using Rubbish Removal Services

Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

When it comes to waste disposal, a lot of people don’t understand where their junk goes and how it’s dealt with. This often results in consumers making uninformed decisions when cleaning their homes and workplaces. Whether you’re preparing to move out of your house or office space, simply just doing a good old fashioned spring clean, or hiring a professional rubbish remover to do the job for you, it’s important that you take the right steps. 

If you’re wondering where to start, don’t fear! We’ve prepared our top tips to help you make sure your rubbish removal process goes smoothly. 

Sort your items

If you’re hiring rubbish removal professionals like Rubbish Taxi, to take away your junk, make sure your items are sorted in clear identifiable places. There’d be nothing more than for your box of special heirlooms to be mixed up with that box of old junk and thrown away! The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep things simple and organise all your items into piles far away from each other. Set aside an area for unwanted items and waste, and another area for what you are keeping. Or simply keep the items that you do not wish to discard inside, and the unwanted items outside or near the front door so that they are easy to access

Stay organised

Create a list identifying each room in the house and what areas you have already covered. Noting down whether you are keeping or discarding items will help you when it comes to knowing what has been let go of and what is still in your possession. Ensure that you have checked every room including any roofing storage, the garage or sheds. 

Have a plan of attack

No matter whether you are cleaning up by yourself or with family and friends, you will need a plan of attack. If you are on a time schedule, the last thing you want to do is leave everything to the last minute. Instead of leaving it to one day, chip away at a different room each day for a couple of weeks. Start by jotting down the day of the big clean up and work backwards, depending on what rooms or areas of your house are going to take the longest. Some rooms may need two days set aside, others may need half a day or even just an afternoon - but use your own judgment with this. By doing this, the job won’t seem so big and you will feel much more organised when the big clean up day arrives.

Be mindful

Being mindful of what you’re throwing out and keeping is crucial when it comes to your cleaning process. Have you heard of Marie Kondo’s ‘life-changing magic of tidying up’ method? If not, you have to check it out. Obviously there will be items of sentimental value that you just can’t part with, but there are some things that simply need to go. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Does this bring me joy? And if your answer to any of those questions is ‘no’, it needs to go. Also, consider throwing out any items that need repairing. Any solid items such as clothes, toys, lamps, old mattresses, home appliances (fridges, dishwashers, televisions etc), cupboards and old chairs can be removed by the professionals - they’ll be able to correctly dispose or recycle any items for donation, parts or repurposing.

The most important things to note when using rubbish removal services are to be organised beforehand and to listen to the instructions of the professionals, as they will know how to best organise your items on the day. You may think that it will be easy to take it all on yourself, but getting in touch with an external company will alleviate stress, take away the unpleasant jobs, like the heavy lifting, and save you multiple trips back and forth to the tip. So save these tips to refer to them before your next big clean up!

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