Tips to Remember When Choosing a Reliable Locksmith


Many a times, it happens that we rush out of our homes in a jiffy only to realize that we have left the keys inside or we have lost our set of keys and the spare ones are already inside. The same can be said in case of our high-end automobiles whose keys are worthy of insurance. In case of such lockouts from our own houses and vehicles, we have to turn to a locksmith who can prepare another set of keys for us in the time of need.

While most solutions are sought online, this is one area which you need to rely on old-fashioned recommendation from the locals and you need to look for a local locksmith. This is because, locksmith scams, are a regular occurrence when you look up one through the internet yellow pages. While automobile locksmiths are provided by the vehicle company, your house builder will not have a locksmith handy in cases of lockouts.

How to Choose a Reliable Locksmith?

Finding a reliable, capable, and licensed locksmith is a task in itself. Since you do not plan to lose your keys intentionally and doing a thorough checkup after being locked out is a daunting task, it is better you stay prepared. Therefore, by following these tips you can choose the right handyman.

  • Ask for their license and do identification check. Locksmith licensing is a must in Australia, and a professional locksmith will carry their license always with them. If a person is not carrying their credentials, it is a crime. ID check is a two-way job. A locksmith who takes their job seriously will ask you for your address proof to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the house.

  • Getting an estimated price for the job is essential. Scammers will quote a low price to gain your trust and then will handover you a hefty bill. Usually, a locksmith charges around $60 and that includes tools, cost of licensing, transportation, and the actual job is done. If anyone adds these upon the said charge, know that you are dealing with a scrupulous person. However, in a few cases, it may vary as per the services.

  • Enquire about any additional charges before you seal the deal. Additional charges will include service calls and emergency hours. Getting this information will not be difficult if you are dealing with a reliable locksmith. Also, you need to be wary of locksmiths who claim that your locks need to be changed. They will quote a high price claiming that the replacement they will provide is high-end and have many features but, it will be just your typical lock. A good and reliable locksmith will tell you how they plan to crack the lock and walk you along the process.

  • Except for high end locks, no other locks need drilling. A trained locksmith can crack about 90% of the locks. Premium locks have designated keys and the replacement costs a lot since it is your house, you will know if you have a high-end lock or not. In no circumstance let a locksmith drill into the lock in order to open it.

  • Locals are the ones you should prefer. Many locksmiths do not provide a physical address, avoid availing services from them. Choose the ones that have a physical address and is reputable. Keep their name and number handy.

When you are looking for a locksmith, you need to take extra precautions because if you trust a fraud, you will end up getting robbed. Questions like mode of payment, whether you have to pay in advance, should you send them a picture of the lock, and the estimate should be asked before you let anyone near your house.

Thus, by following these tips you will be able to find the reliable and trustworthy locksmith.

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