Tips to Increase Property Value Through Landscaping

If you are looking for a great way to improve your home's property value, updating your landscaping is a wonderful option to consider. Landscaping plays a major role in curb appeal, and it can either attract buyer to your property or deter them from holding interest in it. Before you get started on a landscaping renovation for your property, you may be wondering how much value you can recoup from a well-planned and perfectly executed landscaping project. There are a wide range of estimates, but it is reasonable to assume you would enjoy a return of five to 20 percent of the value you put into the project. There are specific strategies that yield more cost-effective results. For example, planting very affordable bulbs that provide recurring color year after year is far more cost-effective that installing expensive hardscaping. However, you need to focus on the overall benefit in comparison to the cost to find a great balance between the two. If you are preparing to update your landscaping, consider following these tips for quality results that add true value to your property.

Create a Landscaping Plan

Many homeowners go about updating their landscaping the wrong way. It is common, for example, for homeowners to work on one section of the yard one year and to address another section the following year. The result is often a thrown-together look that lacks appeal. The best idea is to create an effective plan for the entire yard before you get started. You can work with a landscaper or research landscaping design strategies to create your own custom plan.

Think About Year-Round Appeal

When you are preparing your plan, consider the year-round beauty of the yard. Some people will place perennials in flower beds, for example, that look great few a few weeks. However, they quickly die, and the result is a less than desirable look in the yard. Carefully research each type of plant you place in your design plans to find plants that offer year-round appeal through greenery or blooms.

Focus on Color Balance

Another important element that is often overlooked with do-it-yourself landscaping efforts is the balance of color in the yard. Color can easily be incorporated into a space through flowers, but even leaves come in various colors and can impact the color scheme in your yard. The denseness or lushness of the vegetation should be evenly balanced, and the colors should correspond well together and should complement the house color scheme.

Allow Time to For Landscaping to Mature if Possible

A common mistake homeowners make when dressing up their landscape is making adjustments too soon to their estimated sell date. Landscaping looks more sophisticated and attractive when it has had time to mature for at least a few years. Keep in mind that some buyers equate the care and maintenance of the exterior of the home to how well-cared for the interior of the home is. With this in mind, it is best to allow landscaping to mature while carefully maintaining it.

Remember the Burden of Lawn Maintenance

The changes that you make to your yard will impact your lawn care and maintenance tasks throughout your time of ownership. More than that, your design can also affect the desirability of your yard to future buyers. An elaborate design with numerous flower beds and other features that require regular maintenance can be beautiful to look at, but they can be burdensome to care for. The last thing you want is for the perceived burden of maintenance to detract buyers. With this in mind, look for easy-care design ideas for the best results.

Your home’s landscaping is critical to your property value and to your ability to sell the home quickly when the time comes to do so. If you have decided to focus on revamping your landscaping, put these important tips into action for superior results that add to your property value.


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