Tips To Help You Preserve Your Living Space


Taking care of any space you live in is a big responsibility. There is something peaceful and calming of coming home to a clean house after a hard day. We are all busy and stressed out but when you schedule time to clean your house and clean it well, you will see the positive benefits of deep cleaning. There are a lot of ways that you can find time to clean, whether it is dusting for 15 minutes or doing a quick clean up before you go to bed it can make a difference.

Deep cleaning is more intensive and takes time. It is great because the more deep cleaning that is done the easier regular clean up will be. Here are several areas that should be deep cleaned on a regular basis:


This area of the house usually has a lot of tile and slick surfaces. This can be tricky because if you have not cleaned the area for some time it can be hard to get spills and other spots off of surfaces and equipment.

To deep clean this area you will want to focus on areas that usually get messed such as the base boards. Giving cupboard doors a good wash is good to prevent build up of ingredients and other spills that happen. Using the right kind of cleaners for the kitchen will save you from putting in extra elbow work.

Living Room

This can also be called the family room but either way it is a place where everyone gathers to watch movies or spend some quality time with each other. Moving around items such as coaches and chairs can be helpful to get dirt and dust out of the room so it is completely clean. That way if you need to move something you will not find any extra surprises when someone is over at your house.

Keeping your items clean is another aspect to focus on. You may have kids or you just really enjoy eating pizza while watching TV. Stains happen and your furry friend may have gotten scared and made a mess. This clean up should be taken care of sooner rather than later. There are a variety of couch cleaners and also pet carpet cleaner that can keep those stains away.


The key to this room is similar to the kitchen. If you have baseboards you will want to keep those clean and stain free. Your bathroom will have tile and other slick surfaces. This will require cleaners that are made to fight grout and other hard stains. Cleaning all of the toilet and everything around will keep odors to a minimum. Keep an eye on walls and rings around the shower and sink so they can stay fresh and clean.


Your bedroom can contain either carpet or hard floors. Moving your bed can help you clean the whole surface area of your room. If you have windows that are covered with curtain or blinds you will want to clean those to prevent dust from collecting. Cleaning closets out will help make your room look really clean. Dusting can make a huge difference in your room. Whether it is your bookcase or some decorations you have hanging up, dusting will make them look nice and fresh. If you do not already clean your bedding frequently you can clean them when you deep clean.


They tend to get overlooked but they can make a difference when cleaning. If you have longer hallways this could be a little tricky but a good way to deep clean is to spend some time making sure the walls are not covered in fingerprints. If you have carpet you can vacuum or sweep if you have some sort of hard wood. Dusting any images or decorations will keep dirt to a minimum.

How do you deep clean your house? Comment below to share your ideas.

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