Tips on How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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If you plan on getting a puppy, certain changes have to be made in your household beforehand. Some of these changes have to be implemented merely due to the practicality of bringing a new family member into the fold. If this is your first pet in the new household, or if it is your first pet overall, here are some practical tips on how to make your home pet-friendly.

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Furniture overhaul

If your pet is going to spend a lot of time indoors, you have to venture out and choose durable fabrics for furniture refurbishing. Velvet is a particularly robust material that has stood the test of time against tooth and claw, and it has proven itself as a worthy pet-stomper over and over again. All that you really need to worry about is choosing the hue that will mesh well with the rest of the room.

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Take out a few rugs

If you’ve got rugs in your home, and if they cover more than 70% of your square space, you should probably take at least 50% of them out of the household and leave only the necessary or strictly decorative ones. Rugs are the main collector of dirt, microbes and mold anyway, and once you introduce a pet into the equation, the resulting combination may result in allergies you’d never dreamed you could have. Preferably, we all want lives without antihistamines and antibiotics.

Put throwaway blankets everywhere

Whenever you need to protect something from the merciless paws of your new pet, just throw the “old rag” over it. However, you can take this practical solution up a few notches and purchase extremely thick and robust blankets with colorful or downright gaudy details, so the pets can jump all over them, scratch them and stain them, and it won’t make much of a visual difference.

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Some accessories are obligatory

Throughout the entire human history, pets were treated as an afterthought of the household and all they needed was a corner in the yard where the food would be dropped off occasionally. Not even a bowl was required. However, these days, we have a thriving industry of products fashioned perfectly to spoil our furry companions.

You can start off by purchasing a comfy snooza pet bed and create a warm little nest in the corner of your communal space or on your backyard veranda. Two bowls, one for food and the other for fresh water, and a tagged collar are also the prerequisites without which you shouldn’t even consider bringing a pet into the family.

Create a grand entrance

Ideally, the pet will have freedom to go in and out of the house during the day. For this, you can build a pet door into your entrance and add a few practical features – like putting a gravel walkway in front of the pet hole, so the pet will shed at least some dirt off its paws on the way in.

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Prepare for a new cleaning regimen

Fur is a factor that can alter the cleaning schedule in the household completely. For starters, vacuuming will have to turn from a weekly habit into a daily one. Most pets will shed hair which, in combination with dust, can create pesky clumps that will make the corners of your home appear unkempt.

Another scenario you cannot discount is that things can get proportionally worse if any of the family members has allergies. For this reason, it is smart to vacuum every part of the house where the pet dwells every night and purchase the most efficient kinds of brushes to take the excessive hair off your pet’s back.

Bringing a new pet into your home is a joyous occasion. However, in order to get the chance to enjoy the new arrival fully, you need to make certain changes and make sure contingencies are taken care of. The list of tips here might appear a bit overwhelming, but once you set off to turn your household into a pet-friendly environment, one thing will naturally follow the other and you’ll be done before you know it.

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