6 Tips for Setting Up a Workable Home Office

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By now, work from home has become a routine for most employees. Whether you are setting up a home office for running your own company or working for someone else, it doesn’t matter. Some basic things are needed to set it up properly. If you don’t know how to set a workable home office, here are some tips to help you get started. 

Think About Location 

Some people have it easy when it comes to finding the right location for their home office. Usually, that is because they have a room they don’t use, so it serves the purpose perfectly. On the other hand, others can’t decide where to set up their home office. This is mostly because their homes are small spaces. In this case, they have to come up with creative solutions. If you are one of those people, you can set up your home office in one corner of your kitchen, if the kitchen is a separate room, and not joined with the living and dining room. Besides, you can set it up in any corner of any room as long as it is quiet and traffic-free.

Don’t Forget About Privacy

If you decide to set up your home office in a corner of some room, then the question of privacy comes up. You will attend virtual meetings and answer phone calls in your home office. If you don’t have any privacy, then you can easily get distracted or interrupted or simply feel uncomfortable discussing work-related matters. For this reason, you should consider adding up some privacy barriers or dividers to separate your home office from the rest of the room. In case you don’t want to spend too much money or time on this project, you can simply hang a long curtain and achieve more or less the same effect.

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Let There Be Light 

One of the essentials your home office needs is good lighting. If you install a light over your work area, laptop, and behind your chair, you will reduce eye strain and avoid reflections on your monitor when trying to access the intranet for work. Similarly, you should make sure to replace incandescent light bulbs with LED ones for better and eco-friendlier energy efficiency. Besides, you should keep a proper distance between your monitor and chair because that way you don’t have to squint or use glasses. Once you minimize the possibility of eye-straining, you should be able to work longer and better.

Buy a Proper Desk 

Work from home means spending many hours behind a work desk. That is why you should invest in a desk that will suit your work needs. Moreover, that desk should allow you to work productively and comfortably every day. Since you will spend around 8 hours every day sitting, you may want to consider buying a standing desk instead of the traditional one. This will do your health good. In case you decide to go for a traditional desk anyway, you should remember to take a break often. Some studies suggest that for every hour you spent sitting, you should spend 10 to 15 minutes standing or walking. Therefore, make sure to leave your desk to stretch out your legs. Your health will be improved in the long run. 

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Make Comfort a Priority 

Most people make one fatal mistake when setting up their home office. They simply take a chair from the kitchen or dining area and use it in their workspace. There is a reason why those chairs are meant for the dining area and not offices. They don’t provide good enough lumbar support, meaning they aren’t at all ergonomic. You will spend many hours sitting behind a desk and working, so it is best to choose a comfortable and ergonomic chair. Make sure to think about your needs when deciding on a chair. Nowadays, they contain many different features, so make sure to choose the best fit.

Add a Splash of Color 

Setting up a home office is the perfect opportunity for expressing your creativity. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a bit crazy when it comes to decorating. For example, add a splash of color on your walls, furniture, and small details. For storing, use some decorative baskets combined with shelves. Additionally, hang some inspiring artwork on your walls to help you get through a hard day in the office. When your home office expresses your personality, you are more likely to spend hours in it effortlessly. 

In the end, a workable home office has become a necessity for remote work. If you need some help with setting up such an office, our tips seem like an ideal starting point. 

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